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Holsters for S&W 4006


S&W Model 4006 Holster by Alien Gear Holsters

The S&W 4006 is an iconic firearm, being the platform that launched the .40 S&W, one of the most widely-used personal defense rounds. The 4006 is a modern classic, with the reliability and preformance that Smith pistols are renowned for. A S&W Model 4006 holster should have these same qualities.

Don't think for a minute that a S&W Model 4006 concealed carry holster is out of your orbit;p every Alien Gear holster is engineered for it. Comfortable concealment is what we do.

The S&W 4006 IWB holsters include the Cloak Tuck and Cloak Tuck 3.0, both are made to be easily concealed, tucking expertly and comfortably into the waistband and under a shirt, if desired. Our OWB models, such as the Cloak Slide OWB holster, are easily concealed with an untucked shirt, jacket or sweater.

Alien Gear holsters are of the hybrid holster variety, made by mounting a retention shell to a backer. Backing materials include leather - noticeably thicker and of higher quality than many other hybrid holster makers - or modern multi-layer construction, such as the spring steel core-equipped 3.0. Our adjustable shell mounting lets us employ thicker, better quality plastic than many other makers, for better retention strength and longer holster life.

This also allows the wearer to customize their carrying, which yields a better carry along with peace of mind. Our 4006 IWB holster models also feature adjustable belt clips, so ride height and cant can be set to user preference as well.

Regardless of which model you pick, you can rest easy that it is thrice-guaranteed. We guarantee a 30-day test drive, so you can take up to a month to make sure it's the holster for you. Return for a refund if not. We also guarantee a lifetime of shell trades, so you can keep your holster if you ever replace your pistol.

We also guarantee every S&W 4006 gun holster for life. If anything breaks or is defective, we will fix the issue or replace the holster. Forever. That's how Alien Gear does holsters. It may be the last holster you ever want to buy.