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Holsters for S&W Sigma SW9C


Holsters for SW Sigma SW9C

Those who carry a S&W Sigma SW9C need a holster that compares to the quality craftsmanship of Smith & Wesson handguns.

Our holsters for the S&W Sigma SW9C do more than get the job done: they're painstakingly designed and crafted with the carrier in mind, incorporating customizable, comfortable, quality, cost-effective systems for open and concealed carrier.

The Cloak Tuck 3.0 emulates this.

This IWB hybrid holster backer is composed of neoprene that wicks moisture away from the handgun and holster materials, ballistic nylon that reinforces the system with durability, spring steel that rests inside for reliable support that molds to the waistline with no break-in time and a front layer of thermo elastomer Alien Skin that provides drag and retention.

It has adjustable passive retention, cant and ride height.

The Cloak Mod OWB paddle holster is built for modularity. Aside from its adjustable passive retention and cant, the paddle clip (that features a retention lip to keep it secured to the waistline) may be swapped out for a belt slide attachment.

The Cloak Slide is another outside the waistband holster system we provide.

It features a leather backer and a custom-fitted shell for your Smith & Wesson, and it's comparable to the original Cloak Tuck IWB holster, which also has a leather backer.

Mag carriers come in single and double configurations with either IWB or OWB carry styles.

All Alien Gear Holsters equipment is made in America and secured by an Iron Clad Guarantee, which includes a free lifetime warranty, 30-day test drive and free shell trades for life.