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Holsters for S&W Sigma SW9V


Holsters for S&W Sigma SW9V

A holster must be logical. It should serve a distinct purpose: reliably hold a firearm until you need to access it.

How the OWB or IWB holster achieves that is where innovation and competition come into play — two factors that prioritize you, the gun owner, by keeping us, the product developers, pushing at the bleeding edge of holster technology.

It's invigorating being able to craft holsters for the S&W Sigma SW9v — all pieces of Alien Gear equipment are made in USA by an interdisciplinary team of gun owners passionate about making comfortable, reliable, customizable, affordable, quality gear for the gun community.

We offer two IWB holsters, two OWB holsters and mag carriers for the make and model of your Smith & Wesson. We also fit swappable shells for the S&W Sigma SW9v, meaning you can switch between different handguns on the same holster backer.

The Cloak Tuck 3.0 IWB holster is a culmination of research and development that yielded a comfortable concealed carry holster that may be adjusted for personal preference. Its cant, ride height and passive retention may be altered to personal preference.

The backer was engineered to optimize the concealed carry experience. Soft neoprene rests against the body and wicks moisture from the holster and handgun. Ballistic nylon infuses durable strength while a layer of spring steel sits beside it at the core of the backer, flexing to the body and supporting the system of materials.

A front layer of a thermo elastomer textile adds drag and retention to the CCW holster. That same thermo elastomer textile is implemented in the Cloak Mod OWB paddle holster backer, enclosing a flex steel plate.

The Cloak Mod paddle clip may be uninstalled and swapped out for a belt slide attachment. The passive retention and cant may also be altered for a personalized draw.

The Cloak Slide is an OWB belt slide holster designed for utility and affordability, and it features of a premium leather backer, just like the classic Cloak Tuck.

Everyday carry gear also must serve a utilitarian purpose, and because of that we offer single and double configurations of IWB and OWB mag carriers for those who want the peace of mind offered by spare ammunition.

All of this equipment underlines a core goal of ours: gun accessories made with integrity and dedication to the men and women who choose to open or concealed carry with our equipment.