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Holsters for Sig P239


Sig P239 Holster by Alien Gear Holsters

The Sig P239 is one of the best CCW guns Sig Sauer makes, so naturally a Sig P239 holster should be optimized for concealment and comfortable carry. Alien Gear specializes in comfortable carry and every one of our P239 holsters will carry this pistol daily like none other on the market.

Every model Sig P239 concealed carry holster is engineered to carry comfortably and exactly how the wearer desires. Other concealed carry holsters for this model firearm force the wearer to accept the retention and fit they dictat. Our custom-molded retention shells fit every contour and allow the wearer to set retention to their desired setting.

Our Sig P239 IWB holsters also allow the wearer to set ride height and cant, by adjusting the belt clips - or optional loops - to the desired position. A full 1.5 inches of vertical travel is possible, as well as up to 25 degrees of positive cant. Our P239 inside the waistband holster models are geared for comfort. The leather Cloak Tuck is made from thicker leather than most other leather hybrid holsters. Break-in doesn't hamper the holster's rigidity. The Cloak Tuck 3.0 features a neoprene backpad, padding the wearer like no other holster whilst repelling moisture. The 3.0's spring steel core also flexes the holster, firmly and comfortably securing the holster to the wearer.

We also have P239 OWB holsters available as well, like the Cloak Slide and the Cloak Mod - one of the few convertible OWB holsters on the market. The Mod can switch from a paddle holster to a belt slider and back again in a matter of seconds. The Cloak Mod can also be used with our Cloak Dock holster mount and is adjustable for 15 degrees of positive or negative cant.

Every Sig P239 gun holster from Alien Gear also comes with our Iron-Clad Triple Guarantee. We guarantee you the following: A 30 Day "test drive" trial period - return in that time if unsatisfied for a refund. A lifetime of retention shell trades - trade in your pistol, trade in your shell and keep your holster. A lifetime warranty of the holster itself - we will fix any damage or defect or replace the holster, forever.

We make the best concealed carry holsters in the galaxy. Carrying with any other would be out of this world.