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Holsters for Springfield - 1911 Range Officer 5 inch


Holsters for Springfield 1911 range officer 5"

The best holsters are made on American soil by gun owners who are passionate about open and concealed carry. We tirelessly support civilian, law enforcement and military gun owners by making open and concealed carry holsters for the Springfield 1911 Range Officer 5" model handgun.

That dedication to fellow gun owners is evident in all our equipment and in the Iron Clad Guarantee behind it, which includes a Forever Warranty, 30-day test drive and free shell trades for life.

A functional holster is as comfortable as it is reliable — the award-winning Cloak Tuck 3.0 embodies those traits. A design and engineering team relentlessly prototyped and developed this IWB hybrid holster.

Its backer contains a layer of neoprene that molds to the waistline and wicks sweat away from your Springfield, while ballistic nylon and spring steel provide incredible durability and support at the core of the holster.

A front layer of thermoplastic elastomer holds a fitted shell, which may be tightened or loosened for custom retention, and nearly indestructible belt clips that may raised or lowered for a personalized cant and ride height.

The Cloak Mod OWB paddle holster may be adjusted for tailored retention and cant, and because it's a modular holster, the paddle clip may be uninstalled and replaced by a belt slide attachment that's included with the holster.

The Cloak Mod has a shell that's fitted to the exact make and model of your Springfield, and it is installed onto Alien Gear's classic leather holsters.

The Cloak Slide OWB leather belt slide holster and the original Cloak Tuck leather IWB holster are made with premium grade leather.

Cloak Mag Carriers may be coupled with any of these holsters to provide added security to your everyday carry gear. They come in either IWB or OWB single and double configurations.