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Holsters for Taurus 85 Revolver


Taurus 85 Holster by Alien Gear Holsters

Oh, you thought people only carry the Judge, and no one would bother with a Taurus 85 holster? Wrong! With so many more people concealed carrying these days, it makes more sense than ever to create a concealed carry rig for a snub wheel gun.

That's exactly what we had in mind when we set out to make our line of Taurus 85 concealed carry holster models. Both IWB and OWB options are available, and just as with every other holster Alien Gear makes, we custom mold the shell to the gun. This gives you the custom fit without the custom lead time or expense. As a result, you'll be hard-pressed to find a holster that fits as well or draws as smooth.

We also take pains to ensure our holsters are customizable. Just making a holster and insisting that it's good enough as-is simply will not do. Holster retention shells are mounted with adjustable hardware, so you can set the draw to your specific requirements. IWB models also can be adjusted for ride height and cant, for the perfect carry position.

Included with every holster sold is a parts pack, giving the owner freedom to customize the holster further.

Holster materials include both modern multi-layer designs, such as the neoprene-backed Cloak Tuck 2.0, or sumptuous leather like the Cloak Tuck IWB and Cloak Slide OWB. Our leather holsters are made with thicker hide than many other companies, and you will notice as it carries more comfortably and lasts longer than comparable leather hybrid holsters. Available colors include black and tan.

After purchase, you get a 30-day Test Drive period after receiving the holster to see if it really is the holster you wanted. If not, we will buy it back, no questions asked - that's part of our Iron Clad Guarantee, which also includes a lifetime of retention shell trades in case you ever trade in your pistol, and a Forever Warranty of the holster itself.