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Holsters for Taurus M44 .44 Mag


Taurus M44 Holster by Alien Gear Holsters

Carry in comfort with a Taurus 44 holster, whether on a daily basis or packing a revolver in the backcountry. Even the largest of pistols can be carried without discomfort. Start a 30 Day Test Drive today and see for yourself…

Every Taurus 44 holster we make starts with a custom-molded retention shell, made to fit only the Taurus 44. The molded shell ensures retention, as well a smooth draw from the holster and reinsertion of the pistol.

The retention and draw profile is adjustable by tightening or loosening the retention shell mounting bolts. Get the tightest possible hold, the smoothest possible draw, or somewhere in between.

Choose how you want to carry. Find the Taurus 44 holster that suits your intended purpose, be it for daily carry on the waistband or use in the backcountry or at the range. You can also bundle and save with our 2 Holster Combo.

You could carry inside the waistband, if so desired with an IWB Taurus 44 holster. Choose a leather or modern multi-layer holster base, with a neoprene backing layer and spring steel core.

For open carry, an OWB Taurus 44 holster or chest holster can put the pistol on your hip, or get it off your waist but keep it in easy reach if carrying a pack.

Our Taurus 44 mag holsters are made in the USA, and come backed by Alien Gear Holsters' Iron-Clad Guarantee. A 30 Day Test Drive trial period starts after purchase, in case returns are necessary, and the holster is backed for life by our Forever Warranty. You can trade retention shells for a different model at any time if you trade in your pistol.

Start your Test Drive today!