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Ruger SR9c ShapeShift Shoulder Holster

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ShapeShift Ruger SR9c Shoulder Holster by Alien Gear Holsters

A Ruger SR9c shoulder holster needs to be as heavily developed as the handgun it's made (in USA) to carry. The problem is that for many years, shoulder carry has had a few functional deficiencies, which the ShapeShift Shoulder Holster was designed to fix.

The leather shoulder holster's modular design allows for multiple, optional levels of passive and active retention — an adjustable passive retention unit, a thumb break and a thumb release.

It's a hybrid holster designed for comfort and utility. Premium English Bridle Leather was sourced for most of the product, but CoolVentâ„¢ Neoprene was edge-bound beneath the leather to wick sweat and cushion against the body. An inner layer of elastic rests inside the contoured shoulder harness.

This allows the fit to be much more responsive to much more body styles.

Belt hooks anchor the holster to the waistline for added concealment and a more secure draw. Elastic is attached to the polymer belt hooks to better fit a variety of waist sizes, large and small.

The leather straps that connect to the holster and magazine platforms can be raised or lowered and canted upward and downward.

The carrier can personalize how the holster fits and how the holster functions.

This allows comfort and utility to be individually controlled for preference, body type and carry style.

Try it out.

We offer a 30 Day Test Drive that offers a month-long trial period. We also cover the holster with a lifetime warranty.

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