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Secure OWB Holster for S&W M&P9c Compact


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Beauty of having a compact pistol is that OWB concealment is suddenly on the carry menu, but only if you have the right S&W M&P9C OWB holster. Not every OWB holster, even for a compact model like the M&P9C, is easily concealed. Many OWBs hang a bit too low or stick out just a bit too far to be anything but totally obvious.

It seems like it shouldn't be that hard, should it? After all, OWB is easily the most comfortable way to carry; why shouldn't there be more M&P9C OWB holsters that allow for easy concealment.

But we might have the solution for you.

The ShapeShift OWB holster is a high-riding belt slide holster that is designed for easy OWB concealment. Users have found that with compact pistols such as the M&P9C, this holster is covered with as little as an untucked shirt in the right location, though your mileage may vary somewhat.

It will also carry more comfortably than many other OWB holsters on the market.

Don't worry about any hard plastic edges or hot spots on leather. The ShapeShift belt slide holster uses a soft backing layer of ventilated neoprene, cushioning as you wear it. The holster flexes to fit your shape, and the spring steel core helps anchor the holster to your side to carry securely.

Retention is not an issue. The ShapeShift shell fully wraps the trigger guard, keeping it secure. The Adjustable Retention Unit can also be dialed in to provide the exact amount of passive retention you desire.

The belt clips of the ShaeShift M&P9C OWB holster are located just forward of the trigger guard, sitting right at the pistols' center of gravity, preventing the flapping that poor quality holsters are known for.

But what sort of guarantee comes with this holster?

First, we guarantee you a 30-day period after purchase, during which you can return the holster for a full refund.

We also guarantee that we will fix any issue that should arise with this holster for life. Alien Gear warranties this holster for as long as you have it. If we can't fix it, we'll send you a new one.

Why not get yourself into a better carry?
Please Note: If you have a thumb release from a different ShapeShift offering, it will not work with the ShapeShift OWB Slide Holster.
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