Cloak Mod Swivel Drop Leg Holster


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Introducing the new Swivel Drop Leg for Cloak Mod Holsters. This new, innovative drop leg system enables users of the Cloak Mod holster to experience the enhanced functionality of our swivel drop leg carry platform. With two sturdy ‘swivel’ points, the swivel drop leg reduces the effort of movement, without the typical wear and tear associated with traditional straps. By integrating our Quick Disconnect System with the Cloak Mod holster, we’ve opened your drop leg holster options to fit over 600 gun models, including some with light and optic compatibility!

Features and Benefits of the Swivel Drop Leg for Cloak Mod:

Innovative Movement: Designed to move with you, instead of against you, for maximum freedom of movement and range of motion.

Single Leg Strap: Features rubber backing that keeps your holster secure and reduces slippage. Comes as a 38" leg strap that can be cut to fit.

Minimalist Design: Built for ultimate comfort and designed with an ultra slim profile, making this our most innovative drop leg holster to date.

Locking Belt Slide: Stays securely in place and can be used with any belt, including battle belts and standard belts.

Adjustable Ride Height: Includes 3 ride height options. Choose between low, mid, and high ride configurations to meet your specific needs.

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