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ShapeShift Walther PPQ Appendix Carry Holster (4-In 9mm/40)


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ShapeShift Walther PPQ Appendix Carry Holster by Alien Gear Holsters

If you want to make concealed carry as practical and as convenient as possible, a Walther PPQ appendix carry holster is one of the best tools for the job. No other kind of holster is able to put inside the waistband and concealed as easily. Access, in the event that it should be necessary, is almost instantaneous.

You can also use one as low-impact IWB in case you want to use one as a Walther PPQ concealed carry holster. You don't have to carry in the appendix position just because it's called one. They actually work at any position on the waistband.

This appendix holster for Walther PPQ pistols differs from leather or hard plastic designs, as it features a durable custom-molded retention shell and a comfortable holster base. The shell is molded for the Walther PPQ only, which gives you a perfect fit right out of the packaging. Retention is adjustable, so you can dial in the exact hold you want.

The ShapeShift shell fully wraps the trigger guard when you insert your gun into your Walther PPQ appendix IWB holster. This enhances the security, but also the fit. Some find retention is sufficient with merely the holster retention alone, though you can customize passive hold as desired.

You'll also notice how comfortably this PPQ appendix holster carries.

The holster base has a backing layer of CoolVent neoprene, which cushions while you wear it. It also breathes against the skin and wicks away moisture, keeping you cooler and dryer than similar holsters. The spring steel and woven nylon core gives the holster a firm but flexible spine, pulling tight but flexing to fit your shape as if made for you. The core of the holster also guarantees a long service life.

Speaking of the service life of your Walther PPQ appendix carry holster, part of Alien Gear Holsters' Iron-Clad Guarantee is a lifetime warranty on the holster itself, against all defects and damages for as long as you have it. Wonder if you'll like it? We give you the first month to return the holster for a refund if you don't - a 30 Day Test Drive.

Start your 30 Day Test Drive today and find out just how comfortable appendix carry can be.
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