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ShapeShift Walther PPQ Shoulder Holster (4-In 9mm/40)


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ShapeShift Walther PPQ Shoulder Holster by Alien Gear Holsters

If you're looking for a different method of concealed carry, then we have a solution: the ShapeShift Walther PPQ Shoulder Holster. Alien Gear Holsters has finally broken into making shoulder holsters and we are here to offer one of the best that you can find.

We designed this shoulder holster for Walther PPQ pistols to have none of the typical weaknesses that most shoulder holsters are known for. Many a person has acquired one, only to find it doesn't carry comfortably, doesn't hold the pistol well or just doesn't fit correctly. Then it gets consigned to the holster drawer or the trash.

What sets ours apart?

First is the harness and strap system itself. This PPQ shoulder holster is articulated via a clover harness, so the straps find a natural resting place on the shoulders and move with you. The shoulder straps are padded with our CoolVent neoprene, which breathes against the skin and wicks away moisture while cushioning the wearer.

The adjustable length lets you dial in the shoulder holster to exactly the correct setting for you and your comfort. Ride height of the holster itself and the magazine carrier base are adjustable; set them high and tight to the body or set them lower toward the belt. You'll also notice the belt hooks, which help spread the weight of the gun a little better and keep the pistol riding tight to the body.

Cant angle is also adjustable, should you wish to carry the gun configured as a PPQ vertical shoulder holster, horizontal, or somewhere in between. You can also carry up to two Alien Gear Cloak Mag Carriers.

The holster is Alien Gear's ShapeShift holster shells, custom molded for the PPQ. The holster shell wraps the entire trigger guard for greater security, and passive retention is fully adjustable. You can also elect to carry with or without the included thumb break strap.

Not many Walther PPQ leather shoulder holster models out there give you this kind of customizability.

Not many holster companies give you the kind of product guarantee like the one you can expect from Alien Gear Holsters. You get a 30 Day Test Drive to start with, a trial period after purchase during which you can return the holster for a refund. You can also rest easy knowing that we will repair any issue or replace the holster outright as long as you have it.

If you'd like to see just how good shoulder carry can be, get your Test Drive started today and find out...
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