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Walther PPQ M2 4 inch 9mm OWB Holster


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Cloak Mod Walther PPQ M2 Paddle Holster

The Cloak Mod Walther PPQ M2 Paddle Holster is an OWB that gives you more versatility for carrying than almost any other.

First is the fit and retention. The retention shell is custom-molded for the Walther PPQ M2, giving you a perfect fit out of the box with no need for break-in time. The thermoelastomer surface provides additional retention, with a trigger guard retention bump for additional security.

You'll also notice the spring steel flex plate. This sheet of spring steel flexes when you insert the pistol. You'll also notice an audible click when it unflexes upon drawing the gun. This feature further enhances passive retention, giving you almost as much hold as many active retention holsters.

The passive retention is adjustable, by dialing in the four mounting bolts with the provided hex key. You can further adjust the fit by installing the shorter or longer hardware that you'll find in the Parts Pack, included with your PPQ M2 paddle holster.

Cant angle is adjustable as well by adjusting the mounting points of the belt attachment. You can carry with up to 15 degrees tilt to the negative or positive, as you desire.

The paddle attachment on this Walther PPQ M2 OWB holster is contoured for a comfortable carry inside the waistband. It also features a retention lip, which attaches firmly and holds fast - it only comes out if you want it to.

However, you aren't limited to the paddle. You'll also get an included belt slide attachment. Choose a rigid or soft model as you desire.

This holster is also compatible with certain Alien Gear Holsters accessories, including our MOLLE and backpack strap adapters, the Cloak Dock holster mount and our Drop Leg Holster rig.

You also get Alien Gear Holsters' Iron-Clad Guarantee, including a 30 Day Test Drive trial period after purchase, a lifetime of retention shell trades in case you trade in your gun for a new model, and our Forever Warranty for the lifetime of the holster.

Start your Test Drive today, and discover a whole new way to carry.
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