All American-Made Holsters from Alien Gear

Alien Gear Holsters takes pride in being an American company, employing American craftspeople and professionals, and offering American made holsters to our customers. It means a lot to Alien Gear Holsters to be an American company that deals in American-made products, and we strive to keep every conceivable aspect of our production and other activities in the United States.

Why An All American-Made Holster Is Important To Us At Alien Gear Holsters

Why is it important to us to offer you an all American-made holster?

While there are faults with any place or person, America is still the greatest country on earth because we are able to enjoy more freedoms than any other nation. Our freedoms of speech and of the press are unparalleled.

The sovereignty of the citizen and their natural rights is respected in America like no other country.

The person who has the desire to work hard and learn a good trade can make a good living in America, with fewer burdens imposed on them in terms of taxation compared to other countries. The person determined to make something of themselves can do so if they're willing to put forth the effort. People come here with pennies in their pocket, without speaking a word of English, and work their way up to incredible success, far beyond their wildest dreams in their home countries.

It is a land of opportunity, like none other.

Ours is one of the few nations that does not disarm its citizens as a matter of course. We are free to arm ourselves for our own defense and the defense of our loved ones.

Many other nations prohibit the defense of one's self outside of using mere fisticuffs, or force them to rely on the response times of authorities, instead of allowing a person the means to protect themselves.

A lot of good men and women have given a lot, in some cases their lives, to make sure it stays that way.

It means a lot to us to be an American holster company and to be Americans because even though we are just a small portion of that national fabric, we are still a part of the greatest nation on earth. By our work being done by Americans, in America, and being sold to Americans, we are helping ourselves prosper, which in turn benefits our local community and the nation at large.

Benefits Of An American-Made Holster

What are the benefits of an American-made holster?

First, you know that you're not dealing with some conglomerate that views everything in terms of numbers on a spreadsheet. Our customers are more than just a source of revenue for us. They are what made us who we are. It is our mission to make the best possible product we can, one that people will be happy to carry.

You also receive a product that's made by people who appreciate their Second Amendment rights. You get a product made by people that understand exactly what you need from a concealed carry holster, because many of our team members carry on a daily basis. A plastic holster made overseas for pennies by people who are not allowed to have firearms, even for hunting, by their own government, just can't appreciate the way an American worker can make an American holster.

Buying American keeps the revenue cycle here in America. American dollars are spent on American products, which keeps American companies in business. The wages and incomes from the sales of our products go to support other American families and, with our products, you can help keep your family safe, too.

Beyond merely supporting the living of others with your purchase, sales taxes and taxes on incomes and wages of our employees go into local, state and national coffers for the benefit of all Americans.

By purchasing an American holster, you're ensuring that American jobs and American innovation are supported instead of a faceless monolith. You receive a product that's made by someone who knows exactly what you need from it, because they use it themselves.

What other product even comes close to that?

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