Ankle Holster Frequently Asked Questions

What does the ShapeShift Ankle Holster cost?

The ShapeShift Ankle Holster is available for just $61.88. If you’d like to use your existing Shift Shell, the ShapeShift Ankle Carry Expansion Pack is available for $37.88. For additional savings, you can bundle the expansion pack with any ShapeShift holster, Shift Shell or Core Carry Pack.

The ShapeShift Ankle Holster is not available for my gun. What’s next?

Don’t worry! We plan to keep adding firearms to our new ShapeShift Modular Holster System! To see our release schedule, please review the shapeshift release calendar. If you subscribe to our newsletter on our website, we will keep you updated with all the newest products we offer. Enter your email in the subscription section at the bottom of this page.

Are there shoes that will not work with the ShapeShift Ankle Holster?

The ShapeShift Ankle Holster was designed to work with most mainstream shoes and “open-mouthed” boots. Narrow boots will not work with this holster; it requires room between your leg and the boot’s interior. You may need to loosen the laces to get the desired level of comfort and concealment. This holster may not work with footwear that extends up past the calf.

When will I receive my ShapeShift Ankle Holster?

If you pre-ordered your ShapeShift Ankle Holster, orders will start shipping in early February 2018. Please note this timeframe is an approximation and may change due to order volume. We appreciate your patience!

Is the ShapeShift Ankle Holster sweat resistant?

Yes. Our upgraded CoolVent™ neoprene helps prevent body moisture from reaching you pistol, and improves your modular holster’s breathability. NOTE: Moisture and weather elements may have access to your pistol in this carry position. Frequent and thorough cleaning of your firearm is recommended regardless of carry position.

Should I order a right or left-handed ShapeShift Ankle Holster?

This ankle holster is designed to be worn on the inside of your ankle. A right-handed carrier should wear their ankle holster on the inside of their left leg, and a left-handed carrier should wear their ankle holster on their right leg. This position will allow the carrier to cross draw using their dominant hand.

What sizes is the ShapeShift Ankle Holster available in?

This ShapeShift Ankle Holster is made with a one-size-fits-most design. The breathable neoprene straps are adjustable to meet your personal comfort and carry needs.

Is the ShapeShift Ankle Holster and expansion covered by a warranty?

You bet! Once you have registered your warranty on our website, you can rest assured knowing your ShapeShift is backed for life. If you purchased on our website, you are automatically registered based on the information you supplied us at checkout. The ShapeShift Ankle Holster is fully backed by a Forever Warranty and a 30-Day Test Drive. If you are not completely satisfied by your ankle holster, send it back within 30 days for a hassle-free refund or exchange.

How do I wash this carry position?

Disconnect all polymer pieces from your Ankle Holster. Hand wash the fabric in cold water using mild soap. Rinse it completely, then lay it flat on a towel to air dry at room temperature. Do not use an iron.

Can I upgrade from my current Alien Gear Holster?

The ShapeShift marks a new age of concealed carry holsters, therefore we are not able to offer an upgrade from previous holster models. However, you can send in your holster for an exchange if you are still within the 30-Day Test Drive. Some additional costs may apply. If you have any questions about exchanges, please contact the Customer Service mothership at (208) 215-2046.

Can I track my ShapeShift Ankle Holster/Expansion order?

Create an Alien Gear Holsters account prior to purchase to track your order! When your order is placed, you will receive a confirmation email, and you will also receive a second tracking email when the order is shipped.