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Beretta 92A1 Cloak Shoulder Holster


Wished you could get a shoulder holster for Beretta 92A1 pistols but bummed out the ShapeShift system doesn't supported railed 92 variants? We have some good news.

We have created a new mounting system for our shoulder holster system, allowing our standard holster shells to be used with our shoulder holster rig. We can now offer Beretta 92A1 shoulder holsters, with the precise fitment and retention Alien Gear Holsters is known for.

The straps are leather, and can be had in your choice of black or brown.

The shoulder holster harness itself articulates, so it finds a natural resting spot on the body and moves with you. The straps are padded for comfort, as are the magazine carrier and holster base pads.

The straps are adjustable, with inches of adjustability for you to get the perfect fit. Cant angle and ride height can also be adjusted so the pistol rides exactly where and how you want it to. Belt hooks are also included, to help anchor the shoulder holster to your belt.

The holster is custom-molded for the Beretta 92A1, custom-molded for a perfect fit. Passive retention is adjustable via the mounting hardware, and even customizable with the included Parts Pack. We also include a thumb break for active retention should it be desired.

The Cloak Shoulder Holster for Beretta 92A1 pistols is made in the USA. We back this holster with our Iron-Clad Guarantee, a comprehensive product guarantee including a 30 Day Test Drive trial period after purchase and our Forever Warranty for the lifetime of the holster. We'll even trade retention shells with you if you ever trade in your gun for a different model.

Start your Test Drive today, and carry in comfort!

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Customer Reviews

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Awesome Holster Review by Terry555
Love the cloak shoulder, it is very comfortable to wear, in the summer i wear an iwb conceal holster in my shorts but in the winter i almost always wear bib overalls so i needed a nice shoulder holster for my CZ Po7 9mm so i can carry under my jacket, this works perfect. Easy to adjust. Leather is great quality and is a little stiff when you get it but breaks in well after a few days. I will be buying another one for my 1911 45 acp (Posted on 8/31/2020)
Get Your Retention Correct Before Using Review by OTTO
I recently bought a cloak shoulder holster for my CZ75 Compact. This is my first shoulder holster and I am really satisfied with the construction, thought, quality materials, and design put into this product. It took an awful lot of experimentation to get the retention just right. Unfortunately, my pistol fell out of the holster onto the ground once and into the toilet once until I got the retention set correctly. (I did quickly learn how to do a complete pistol disassembly of the gun for cleaning, but I would prefer not to ever repeat that situation again.) Make sure you have your retention dialed in so the pistol doesn't fall out when you jiggle the holster with the grip toward the ground. This was my fault, but I wanted to share to prevent others from experiencing what I did.

It took 28 days from ordering it until delivery, probably due it being ordered at Christmas time and having a great sale price with free shipping. Even so, it was worth the wait.

Note to Alien Gear: Please add an "in Production" order status on your web site. The "order confirmed" status gives me no idea when the shipment is arriving. Around here I need all the delivery date information I can get to stay one step ahead of the porch pirates. (Posted on 2/4/2020)
Needs Work Review by C. Pratt
So, let me start off by saying I am not unaccustomed to wearing a shoulder holster, I wore one day in and day out when on deployments. So, I felt like carrying one again for concealed carry during the winter would be a good idea. I have bought many things through Aliengear before and I will say for the most part they make good products.

The holster it's self was not bad when I first got it in September, it seemed reasonably well built, but I should have known something was up when I first pulled it out of the box and everything was installed literally backwards. I don't mean for a right handed shooter that things were on the left, but quite literally the magazines carries and holster were somehow put in backwards so the butt end of the gun would be facing my back instead of my front. This in of it's self wasn't a big deal, I fixed the issued by doing what should have been done in the factory and it seemed okay. I have worn it on and off now for a month and there have been subsequent issues.

First, on the back of the holster part of the rig there is some neoprene that really doesn't do much for the type of holster it is, but I suppose it's better to have it then not, except that it is now starting to peel off in certain places. Since this holster doesn't go directly on my skin I'm not concerned with it so much, but still a problem.

Another problem I have is apparently with Aliengear's complete aversion to blue Loctite. I have had a total of 3 screws fall out of the holster on me now, to the point where today when I was looking at it and realized that it was a serious problem. I perhaps, should have anticipated this problem from other holsters I had bought from Aliengear, but for some reason I just assumed that since there is very little adjustment necessary for something like a shoulder holster with additional retention of a backstrap on the back of the firearm they would have put some blue Loctite on the screws. I was obviously wrong in this assumption.

I reached out to Aliengear to try and discuss this issue, explaining how the complete holster system when I received it was put together incorrectly, and, also asking about the screws. I was in no way asking for more screws as a replacement, or in any other way telling them of a concern that I had about a product that holds a firearm.

The response I got, was a very foolish explanation of what blue Loctite was, and why I should use it. I wished to respond to the ticket, explaining I know what blue Loctite is, and, perhaps to ask the question on why screws are randomly falling out, if they would like to answer or at least acknowledge that the holster came improperly set up, and perhaps for $156.92 shipped, they could put a small tube of Loctite in the bag it comes, perhaps pre-apply Loctite to the screws, or at very least send an informational saying that Loctite needs to be applied because they can't be assed to do it themselves. They also politely informed me that I can in the future purchase additional screws from them for $4.88 + $2.11 for shipping. I assume that this means that no matter what, screws will continue to fall out and this is a problem I should expect to run into in the future, either that or they were trying to make it some point about how they were helping me out by shipping me out a new pack of screws. Does not bode well for the person who just wants there product to work without checking on screws every day, I certainly don't want my Sig to drop out in the middle of Walmart, but apparently that's a possibility with this holster if I don't do daily maintenance to it. But the ticket was locked, and that wasn't an option anymore.

I can say that I have bought products from Aliengear before, and I genuinely enjoy them, but, I will no longer purchase products from them and will instead go find the holsters I need elsewhere. I will be exceptionally surprised if this review ever see's the light of day, as generally I find that companies like to nitpick the reviews that get seen. (Posted on 10/18/2019)

Alien Gear Holsters responded:

Hey C. Pratt, we do deeply apologize as it sounds like there was some miscommunication between us because although we do recommend putting a thread-locker on your holster's screws, we understand that it is extremely frustrating if you were to lose a screw in which we would gladly work with you to get your holster back up and running. We want to make sure that you are taken care of from the day you purchase and every day after that so please reach out to us if you ever have an issue with your holster and we will work with you to make things right!

(Posted on 8/24/2020)

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