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Welcome to the Alien Gear Holsters Concealed Carry Blog! Although we specialize in concealed carry holsters, we cover many other CCW topics here. Our gun writers discuss every facet of concealed carry best practices other gun tips! Whether you’re new or experienced carrier, you’ll be sure to find our gun blog helpful and informative. Check out any of our articles and remember to like, share, and comment!

  1. Glock 43x Review: Compact Conceal Carry Choice

    Glock 43XGlock 43X

    Welcome to our comprehensive review of the Glock 43x, the preferred compact conceal carry choice for many gun owners. In this article, we will delve into the performance, design, and accessories that make the Glock 43x an ideal option for those seeking a reliable and versatile concealed carry weapon. Whether you prioritize compactness, ease of concealment,

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  2. What Handguns Do Police Use?

    What handguns do police use? Today, that really depends on the department...but there are a few dominant brands and models that tend to be the rule. 

    Police duty weapons have evolved a long way not only over the 20th century, but especially in the last 20 years. 

    Since the gun-buying public tends to mirror what police carry on duty,

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  3. What Type Of Holster Is Best For Open Carry?

    What Kind Of Open Carry Holster Should I Get? 

    Open carry can be a divisive topic. Some people abhor the practice and decry people who open carry, some people support the right but not the practice, and some people believe open carry should be the norm. 

    As there has been an uptick

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  4. What's The Best Handgun For Left-Handed Shooters?

    Finding the Perfect Handgun for Left-Handed Shooters

    Many people in the firearm community will confess that the world of handguns is largely catered to right-handed individuals. A considerable number of firearms are produced with the right-handed shooter in mind.

    This can indeed present a challenge for left-handed gun enthusiasts in finding a comfortable and safe firearm. However, the good news is that technology,

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  5. What's The Safest Concealed Carry Gun?

    The Safest Concealed Carry Gun Is The One You're Safe With

    In the world of concealed carry, one question persists: what is the safest concealed carry gun? This is a topic that requires careful analysis, as safety in this realm transcends the physical and mechanical aspects of a firearm.

    A gun is only as safe as its handler, requiring a responsible, well-trained individual who is committed to practicing safe

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  6. Is A Car Holster A Good Idea?

    Is A Car Holster A Good Idea? It Can Be If You Use It Right

    Car holsters can be controversial, as they can enable poor choices if not used correctly. 

    A responsible gun owner does everything in their power to ensure that they are using and carrying firearms safely; a person who does not should

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  7. What Is The Point Of A Pocket Holster?

    What Is The Point Of A Pocket Holster? 

    A pocket holster has two primary functions. If it cannot do those things, it's not worth having, and pocket carry without one is foolhardy. 

    A pocket holster keeps the trigger guard protected, and allows the gun to be drawn clean from the pocket

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  8. How To Make Appendix Carry Holsters More Comfortable

    Making Appendix Carry Holsters More Comfortable

    Carrying a concealed weapon is an essential practice for many gun owners. However, maintaining comfort while doing so can be a bit of a challenge, particularly with appendix carry holsters, which are positioned in front of the hips.

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  9. Why Wear A Belly Band Holster?

    Why Wear A Belly Band Holster? 

    Whether you’re a law enforcement officer, a security official, or just an average citizen who lawfully carries concealed, you know that holster choice matters immensely. From comfort and concealment to accessibility and safety, the right holster can make

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  10. How To Get A Concealed Carry Permit For All 50 States

    How To Get A Concealed Carry Permit For All 50 States? You Probably Can't

    Imagine being able to carry your concealed weapon confidently in any corner of the United States. After all, the Constitution says the right to bear arms shall not be infringed, so a person should be able to. 

    Unfortunately, the only way to have a carry permit that's good for all 50 states is if you're a police officer or a retired

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