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Welcome to the Alien Gear Holsters Concealed Carry Blog! Although we specialize in concealed carry holsters, we cover many other CCW topics here. Our gun writers discuss every facet of concealed carry best practices other gun tips! Whether you’re new or experienced carrier, you’ll be sure to find our gun blog helpful and informative. Check out any of our articles and remember to like, share, and comment!

  1. Canik Tp9. Ultimate Canik Pistol Review [2022]

    Canik Tp9 in IWb Holster

    Canik TP9. A Serious Striker Gun That Doesn't Wreck Your Wallet

    The Canik TP9 and its variants is said to be an excellent pistol, full stop, as well as being a heck of a lot of bang for the buck.

    They've been called a "Glock killer." Some people have said they're better than pistols with more established names on the slide.

    If you haven't ever gotten your hands on one, or were possibly mulling getting one, just what IS it with these guns, anyway? Well, the quick

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  2. Smith and Wesson 9mm. The 7 Best S&W 9mm Pistols [2022]

    Smith and Wesson 9mm

    Smith & Wesson 9mm. The Best S&W Pistols For Concealed Carry And Otherwise.

    Looking to acquire a Smith and Wesson 9mm? That's a great instinct; S&W has been making quality 9mm pistols for more than half a century.

    S&W makes some of the best 9mm pistols for concealed carry, for law enforcement duty use, home defense, and for general plinking/range use as well.

    What are the Smith & Wesson 9mm pistols to get? These 7 S&W pistols

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  3. Glock 34 Vs 17. Which of the Biggies is Better? [2022]

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  4. 38 Special vs 9mm. Is 38 or 9mm better? [2022]

    38 special vs 9mm ammunition

    38 Special vs 9mm. Which Caliber Is Better?

    The question of 38 vs 9mm is really "is 38 Special so good that I should have a revolver instead of a semi-auto in 9mm." Is it?

    Basically no. But it's also true that it doesn't mean that a person armed with a .38 Special, who knows what they're doing, is necessarily at a serious disadvantage

    Of the medium bore calibers, these are the two most common chamberings. There are fans of

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  5. Glock 42 vs 43. Which Is Better For Concealed Carry? [2022]

    Glock 42 vs 43

    Glock 42 vs 43. Should I Get A Glock 42 or a Glock 43?

    Choosing a subcompact Glock for concealed carry often comes down to the choice of Glock 42 or the Glock 43 since those are the most compact of the baby Glocks. Each has their benefits and drawbacks, so it's

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  6. Best Glock For Concealed Carry. Top 7 Choices! [2022]

    What are the best glocks for concealed carry

    The 7 Best Glocks For Concealed Carry

    You might be a little more aware of the service pistols, but Glock concealed carry pistols are arguably the core of their offerings, as they make an ample supply. You might even look at their website and have your head start to spin; which one should I choose?

    Well, an obvious truth is that there's no best handgun. There will be a best one for you and no one can know which gun that will be but you. You'll have to find that out

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  7. Can you shoot 357 in a 38? Multi-Caliber Weapons And Gun Safety Explained [2022]

    38 special revolver

    Check Out Our Complete Guide To Gun Safety

    357 Ammo. Can you shoot it in a 38?

    Can a .38 Special shoot .357 Magnum? No; .357 Magnum was specifically designed so it cannot be fired from handguns chambered in .38 Special, but you can shoot .38 Special in a gun chambered in .357 Magnum.

    In fact, you wouldn't want to shoot .357 Magnum in any gun that's specifically made to shoot .38 Special. It would be dangerous.

    The .357 Magnum/.38 Special issue

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  8. 22 Magnum. Is a 22 Sufficient For Concealed Carry? [2022]

    22 magnum bullet comparison

    22 Magnum. Could a 22 Pistol Work For Concealed Carry?

    When a person asks if a 22 Magnum is good for concealed carry, what they're wondering is if there's a way to get efficacy or something like it with less recoil.

    Well, this gets a little complicated. On the one hand, .22 LR has killed a heck of a lot of animals and a heck of a lot of people. It stands to reason, therefore, that .22 Magnum - or more accurately, .22 Winchester Magnum Rimfire -

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  9. Lightest 9mm Handgun. 7 Best Lightweight Concealed Carry Pistols [2022]

    lightest 9mm handgun in concealed carry holster

    Lightest 9mm Handgun. Lightweight Concealed Carry

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  10. Ruger 9mm. 6 Best Ruger 9mm Pistols For Concealed Carry [2022]

    Ruger 9mm  

    By Sam Hoober | Contributing Editor

    Ruger does make some great guns, but what are the Ruger 9mm pistols for CCW that should be on a persons' shortlist? These 6 Ruger 9mm guns for a start.

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