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Red Dot Holsters...Why Haven't We Done It?

One of the questions we get asked a lot is why there aren't any Alien Gear red dot holsters, along with more laser/light holsters. It's not that we don't know that they exist. We are, of course, aware.

So...why haven't we?

Well, we'll tell you!

WHICH Red Dot Are You Talking About?

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One of the biggest reasons we haven't made a red dot holster to date is because everyone and their brother is making a red dot optic these days. There are dozens of different makes and models on the market.

To give you an idea, go to Amazon. Search for "red dot for pistols." There were 4,000 results. Not all are red dot sights for pistols, of course, but even if 10 percent are, that means 400 different ones. That's A LOT of different optics.

Trijicon alone makes three different series of red dots for pistols, two of which have three different sub-models. The specs for each of them aren't the same, either.

We don't deal in "universal" designs, because we know that a holster must be for the specific make and model pistol in order for the holster to work acceptably. We don't put out product if it's "good enough;" we only put out product when it's right.

So, if someone comes to us and says "why don't you make a holster for a Trijicon RMR? They're really popular?" Well, WHICH Trijicon RMR do you mean? It's not like every single model they make is the same. For us to make a holster for it, we have to know which exactly which one you mean.

Point being that we haven't made a red dot holster yet because we haven't had sufficient demand for a specific make and model gun with a specific make and model optic.

We Can't Make A Holster For Something If No One Wants It


We do plan to make a holster for some new makes and models of pistol for rather obvious reasons. For instance, we knew we were going to make a Sig P365 holster without question. It's a gun made by a major manufacturer, and it happens to be a format of pistol (slim, light, compact) that's very, very popular in the market. Obviously, we had to.

However, once you get into something a little more obscure, that's where things get different. If you look at our gun library, located on our Search By Gun page, you'll see a number of less-common pistols. A few of them came down to customer requests; after enough people asked for it, we felt there was enough of a market for holsters for that specific make and model gun and made the thing.

While we do provide a product or service to the public, we don't do it for free. We take pride in giving people a quality product that works, that makes them happy and lets them do what they want to do, but this is a business.

You have to give people what they want, of course...but it's more like "give people what they want so long as you don't go broke doing it." Maybe that's a bit coarse to say it, but this is the real world and you have to work within the rules if you want to keep your doors open.

While we would love to make a holster for everyone and every gun out there, at a certain point the bottom line DOES have to intrude. It's too bad, but that's the way the world works.

Want A Red Dot Holster? Tell Us!

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The best way to get an Alien Gear red dot holster? Tell us about it!

If we don't know there's demand, we aren't going to bother with supply. If we know there's enough demand for something we can supply, then we'll look into making it. It's the same thing with light and laser sight holsters.

So, if you have a specific make and model pistol and specific make and model red dot optic that you would like an Alien Gear holster for, tell us about it! Send us an email, call our customer service or drop us a line on social media. We love to hear from our fans and customers.

Look, the more we hear that people want a specific gun and specific make and model red dot optic - no matter how obvious it might seem to the layperson - the more likely it becomes that we will put it into production.

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