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6 Best Guns To Carry With An Ankle Holster

If you're planning to ankle carry a backup gun or deep conceal a primary carry gun, the first step is to choose the best ankle holster. The second step, if you aren't already there, is to get the best gun for ankle carry that suits you.

Having a backup in case your primary weapon fails is a good idea, of course. An ankle holster is also more accessible if you wind up on the ground, or if you're in a seated position.

There are also a number of people that can't carry a traditional belt or waistband holster due to work or other reasons, but still want to stay armed. An ankle holster is an option for still keeping a pistol on you but more deeply concealed.

The best ankle holsters work with all kinds of footwear, whether regular shoes or boots. The best examples are also made for the make and model of firearm that will be carried, and have retention to match.

The best ankle holsters are also comfortable and supportive to wear, keeping the pistol firmly in place but without making the wearer miserable.

But what are the best guns to carry in an ankle holster? The truth is that the world has moved on from the J-frame; you can get a subcompact or micro semi-auto pistol that holds more rounds and is a lot more pleasant to shoot.

Start with these 6 best ankle holster pistols, and you'll have a solid foundation.

Carry With The Best Ankle Holster For Everyday Carry

Sig P365: The Best Ankle Holster Gun...And Possibly All Around Carry Gun

Sig P365

The Sig P365 is one of the best ankle holster gun options...and in fact it's just one of the best possible carry guns, period. As a product, it has almost no weaknesses. We just can't think of a carry gun made by...anybody...that's as good for any method of concealed carry.

The P365 has 10+1 capacity with a flush-fit magazine, more than any other subcompact pistol. Heck, more than a full-size 1911. With dimensions and weight almost identical to single-stack subcompacts, it's perfect for ankle carry or any other kind.

It's the most popular pistol in America at the moment, and for good reason.

Sig P365 Ankle Holsters

Glock 43: The Best Ankle Holster Pistol From The Biggest Brand In Handguns

glock 43

Let's face it: Glock is the biggest name in handguns in the modern era, and the Glock 43 is arguably the best of their subcompact and micro pistols. While late to the single-stack subcompact party, it's one of the most popular guns of the size class.

While it is slightly larger than the Glock 42, the G43 is chambered for 9x19mm instead of .380. It holds 6+1 of that cartridge, and has the Glock trigger and safety system that so many of us are used to.

It's an ideal gun for an ankle holster given the slim dimensions and light weight, whether as a backup to the 19 on your hip or if you have to tuck your carry gun away deeper than any waistband holster.

Glock 43 Ankle Holsters

S&W M&P9 Shield: Best Ankle Holster Gun From S&W

M&9 Shield

With the flush magazine - or even the +1, come to think of it - a S&W M&P9 Shield is another one of the best ankle holster guns you can get, if you were going to ankle carry.

Slim, single-stack 9mm subcompacts dominate this list and for good reason. Slim width, light loaded or unloaded weight and the proven performance of 9mm. The S&W M&P9 Shield has all these attributes in spades.

The Shield is reliable, accurate and a heck of a bargain for the amount the base model goes for. It's one of the modern standards by which other carry guns are judged and for good reason.

M&P Shield Ankle Holsters

Walther PPS M2: An Ankle Holster Gun For The Discerning Shooter

walther pps

Walther pistols are slightly hipsterish, in that they have refined triggers and ergonomics that create an almost cult-like following that's completely deserved. Those who disagree haven't actually shot a Walther.

The PPS M2 is the second iteration of the PPS, a single-stack subcompact in 9mm. The M2 has improved ergonomics and Walther's superb striker trigger, widely considered the best of the type. Dimensions and capacity are broadly the same as others of the type.

It's slim, it's light, and holds 6+1, 7+1 or 8+1 of 9mm depending on which magazine you insert. Aficionados have said it's the best of the single stack subcompact striker guns. Try one out and you'll likely see why.

Walther PPS M2 Ankle Holsters

Ruger LC9s or EC9s: The Best Ankle Holster Gun For A Working-Class Budget


Ruger is known for making working-class guns for working class people, and the EC9s and LC9s pistols are the best ankle holster guns of their lineup.

The LC9s was discontinued, but plenty are still on the market in gun stores so you should still run across them. The EC9s was its successor. Both are budget-friendly at less than $300...or less.

Both are slim, lightweight, single-stack subcompact pistols with a striker-fired trigger mechanism, holding 7+1 of 9mm. The difference between them is the EC9s has totally fixed sights (they're part of the slide) but the LC9s had dovetailed sight posts.

It's a solid pistol at a price that's nice, and happens to fit perfectly in an ankle holster.

Ruger LC9s Ankle Holsters

Sig P238: A Micro 380 That Also Makes One Of The Best Ankle Holster Guns

Sig P238

If you wanted to be a bit more of a traditionalist and get into a micro .380, the one we'd recommend above almost all others is the Sig P238. It's a micro 1911 chambered in .380 Auto.

What surprises most people is how easy the Sig P238 is to not only shoot, but to actually shoot accurately. It was long believed that micro 380s were for arm's reach only, but the P238 can actually stretch out a bit further with some practice.

The P238 is unbelievably small, and holds a modest 6+1 rounds of .380 Auto. That's the same as many of the subcompact single-stack 9mm guns, but it's 25 percent smaller and weighs less than 1 pound to boot.

If you want the smallest, the lightest, but also the best gun to boot...the Sig P238 is as good as they get.

Sig P238 Ankle Holsters

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