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Desert Eagle holsters

Consider These Desert Eagle Holsters If You Want To Carry One

There are definitely some Desert Eagle holsters out there, but which are the best ones to actually carry with? What's the best way to actually pack this pistol?

Ultimately, it's how it works best for you, but we have some insights about how best to carry this pistol if you wanted to.

What we're going to acknowledge up-front is that not a whole lot of people get a "Deagle" for EDC. There probably are a few people who do, but most people just aren't going to. The folks who do get one for practical use are usually getting it for hunting or protection in bear country.

With that in mind, what are the best Desert Eagle holsters for that purpose? Let's talk about that…

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A Desert Eagle Chest Holster Is Perfect For Backcountry Hiking And Hunting

A Desert Eagle chest holster is going to be arguably the best option for backcountry hikers and hunters, though not the only one that's well-suited for this purpose.

The reason you'd want a chest holster is to put the gun on the body but off the waist. This keeps it close so it's easily and quickly accessible, but doesn't take up real estate on the waist.

Desert Eagle chest holster

Why is this ideal?

Getting to a gun in a waistband holster - either inside or outside - is made much more difficult if you're wearing a backpack. If said backpack includes a waistband? Doubly so.

Serious backpackers and backcountry hunters are usually living out of a pack for several days at a time, if not longer, and have their pack on whenever they aren't in camp. For such a person, carrying on the waistband is not only difficult, it's untenable.

Chest holsters for handgun hunters or for a powerful handgun in case of large four-legged predators like bears or mountain lions have become much more popular in recent years. As this is an ideal role for a Desert Eagle pistol, it's an ideal holster type for this handgun.

Desert Eagle Chest Holsters

Desert Eagle Drop Leg Holster: Great For Going Tactical, Range Days Or Backcountry Use

Desert Eagle drop leg holster

Another great choice of Desert Eagle holster is a drop leg holster. Not only are they incredibly tacticool, they're actually incredibly practical and quite comfortable...if they're made correctly.

A drop leg holster, properly set up by the user, is very comfortable to wear. The user has fast access to the pistol not only while standing, but also kneeling and in many more positions as well.

A drop leg holster of solid construction also has great support and stability. One you have it dialed in, you'll be amazed at how solidly it connects to your body, at how well it stays in place.

Another benefit, and this is why drop leg holsters have become far more popular for law enforcement and military personnel, is that having the holster attached to the leg rather than the waist frees up the waistband.

Just like with a chest holster, a drop leg holster is still accessible if wearing a backpack.

Some people will prefer a drop leg rig to a chest holster for this purpose, though some people also find that a drop leg holster will snag on thick brush. If you're going through dense cover, you might find a drop leg rig a bit awkward.

However, for those who want a Desert Eagle holster that's stable, solid and can keep the waistband clear...a Desert Eagle drop leg holster is a great choice.

Desert Eagle Drop Leg Holsters

Desert Eagle OWB Holster

Desert Eagle OWB holster

A Desert Eagle OWB holster is also a viable carry option for this pistol...but you're going to want to choose your OWB holster carefully.

The Desert Eagle is a whole lotta gun. You need an OWB holster with some serious backbone to carry it.

You might want to steer clear of anything with a purely fabric holster base, and certainly only-fabric OWB holsters. For secure carry and a clean draw from the holster, you need the holster to be as solid as possible.

So long as the holster is a stable platform, the gun will ride securely as well as draw and reholster correctly. Those are things that any holster MUST be able to do no matter what.

The Desert Eagle is a whole lot of gun. You need a holster that can stand up to it.

Since a chest holster and a drop leg holster have the benefit of straps to anchor the holster ot the body, a solid OWB holster is needed to give the pistol the same amount of support.

Desert Eagle OWB Holsters

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