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Glock 17 ShapeShift Pocket Holster

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ShapeShift Glock 17 Pocket Holster by Alien Gear Holsters

Wondered if someone actually would make a Glock 17 pocket holster that was worth having? Wonder no more. The ShapeShift Glock 17 Pocket Holster makes pocket carry with a full size pistol extremely doable.

You won't find a pocket holster for Glock 17 pistols that carries as well, due to the nature of the ShapeShift pocket holster design. This holster was built from the ground up to overcome the limitations of so many other pocket holsters.

This Glock 17 holster is compatible with all Glock generations, from the original Glock 17 all the way through to Gen 5.

The first feature you'll notice is the stabilizing feature of this pocket holster. It catches the pocket on the draw, so the holster stays in the pocket when the gun comes out. This ensures a proper draw, which is what proper use of a pocket holster hinges on.

Don't worry about fitment or security. The ShapeShift Glock 17 pocket holster employs the ShapeShift shell, which is custom molded for the Glock 17, so you get a perfect fit right out of the packaging. Passive retention is fully adjustable, so you can set the tight hold or slick draw that you prefer.

Since the ShapeShift shell fully wraps the trigger guard, you can be secure in the knowledge that your trigger is fully protected. This is absolutely vital for pocket carry with a Glock 17 or indeed any pistol whatsoever.

You can also rest easy knowing the durable polymer the holster is made from can stand up to years of abuse, being made from a formula identical to that used to make many firearms.

This Glock 17 pocket holster is made in the USA, and comes backed by Alien Gear Holsters' Iron-Clad Guarantee. This includes a 30 Day Test Drive trial period and Forever Warranty, covering the holster for as long as you have it.
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