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Glock - 19 Rapid Force Duty Holster

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The Rapid Force Glock 19 Duty Holster provides the utmost security while carrying, with a faster and more intuitive retention system than any other on the market. It's easy to draw from, but impossible to defeat. Start your Field Test and you'll see the Rapid Force difference.

The Rapid Force Glock 19 police holster is designed around the principles of being lightweight, ultra-durable, but with a better retention system than others designed for this make and model pistol.

The holster is injection-molded from an ultra-durable polymer blend, similar to that used to make pistols such as the Glock 19. This makes the holster light, but also rigid to withstand the rigors of the street.

The holster is custom-molded for your make and model pistol, and passive retention is adjustable.

Active retention comes from the Gross Motor Response control system, placed on the inside edge of the holster between the belt attachment and the holster itself. Level II retention comes from a locking backstrap, and an ejection port lock can be added for Level III retention.

The shooting hand drives onto the gun, acquiring a firing grip. Push the thumb button down, releasing the locking backstrap. For Level III holsters, then move the thumb back to actuate the thumb swip button, releasing the ejection port lock and freeing the pistol to be drawn.

The action is performed without breaking a full firing grip, making this Level III Glock 19 retention holster much easier to operate than any other on the market.

A thumb guard is part of the GMR system, acting as a guide rail for the user and preventing unwanted access. It can be raised or lowered at your discretion, and two sizes of thumb release button and thumb swipe lever are included with your holster.

The Rapid Force Glock 19 holster can be ordered for weapon-mounted lights, and is compatible with most popular weapon-mounted lights. You can also add a red dot sight hood, which attaches to the locking backstrap and includes a protective flap to keep your RDS clear of debris or inclement weather.

Select your desired finish, of matte, smooth or basketweave, and your dominant hand orientation.

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