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Glock - 31 ShapeShift Appendix Carry Holster

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Glock 31 AIWB Holster

Appendix carry can be a mixed-bag. It can get uncomfortable, or the concealed carrier has to settle on sub-par materials and designs. The ShapeShift Glock 31 AIWB holster was researched and developed to shift the customization and adaptability to the individual.

It's a modular system that's designed to react to the gun owner's lifestyle. It can be reconfigured into any of the available ShapeShift combinations like a classic IWB, an OWB belt slide or an OWB paddle holster.

The backer is crafted with specific layers of textiles. A layer of closed-cell neoprene rests against the body to wick away moisture and cushion the holster against the body. A flexible spring steel core rests at the core, acting as a backbone for the holster while also molding to the contours of the concealed carrier's body. A layer of ballistic nylon adds strength and reinforcement. A high drag Alien Skin texture encloses that steel core and provides durability to the front of the backer.

The shell, which fully encloses the trigger guard and a portion of the slide, mounted to the backer is engineered with injection-molded polymer that will precisely fit the Glock 31. The components holding the shell together are also made of that same polymer compound, similar to the kind that is used in handgun manufacturing.

All the components are made to be customizable. Passive retention can even be controlled with a custom retention bar that's included with the ShapeShift holster system, which allows for a tighter or looser draw.

This entire holster system is covered under Alien Gear's Iron-Clad Guarantee. This includes a Forever Warranty — if something goes wrong with a part or material, we'll replace it or repair it for free.

Try the holster out for a month with the 30-day test drive, and if it doesn't quite meet expectations, we'll buy it back with no questions asked.

The ShapeShift is designed to meet individual needs, not a group or a nebulous population. It can be completely customized for the individual's body and lifestyle.
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