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Glock - 31 ShapeShift Drop Leg Holster

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Glock 31 Drop Leg Holster

This product does not include Mag Buckets.

A Glock 31 drop leg holster is the perfect complement to concealed carry setups for this pistol. Thigh carry is the easiest and most comfortable form of open carry. It's perfect for open carrying around the home, at the range or in the outdoors.

However, not every Glock 31 leg holster is created equal.

Many are made with generic holsters, meaning a poor fit - if any at all - and retention that only comes in the form of an active retention device like a finger lock or thumb strap. It isn't very confidence inspiring to know that a cheap device like that is all that keeps your pistol holstered. Along with poor strap and mounting systems, this is why a lot of people don't like using the Glock 31 drop thigh holster they already have or possibly won't buy one.

It's a pity, as a decent G 31 thigh holster can make carrying this (or any) pistol far easier than almost any other holster design on the market.

What most drop leg holster makers are selling you is convenience at the expense of function. We're here to tell you that you can have both.


First is Alien Gear's holster design. We only offer Glock 31 holsters that are molded for the Glock 31, only. It fits perfectly because it was made for it. As a result, the fit will be perfect right out of the packaging, with no need for an active retention device.

However, you can still have one - our ShapeShift OWB holster can have a thumb release installed by the user, giving you up to full Level II retention if desired. Many users find the passive retention perfectly adequate, however, as it is fully adjustable to the hold setting that you desire.

The thigh platform is made from a proprietary molded polymer blend that is nearly indestructible under normal conditions, with heavy-duty straps that don't lose their hold.

In short, it's a Glock 31 thigh rig that won't let go, retains the pistol perfectly and offers you customizable retention. That isn't something most thigh holster companies can do.

You also get Alien Gear's Iron Clad Guarantee, including the 30 Day Test Drive and comprehensive lifetime warranty.

It's time you had a better carry.
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