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Glock - 31 ShapeShift OWB Slide Holster

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A belt slide holster is a clear and easy way to carry. What's also clear is that the entire idea of the belt slide holster needs to change and an easy way to do that is to change how holsters are made.

The ShapeShift Glock 31 belt slide holster is a modular system of OWB concealed carry. It can also be an IWB holster. Or an appendix carry holster. Or an OWB paddle holster. By uninstalling the backer and replacing it with any of the available ShapeShift holster options, you control how it adapts to your lifestyle.

The holster backer is made in America for comfort and concealment. It is composed of three layers of material. A layer of closed-cell neoprene sits softly against the body and wicks moisture away from the holster. A spring-steel core, which flexibly molds to the body and provides structure, is enclosed by a front layer of a high drag Alien Skin textile.

A Glock 31 holster must manage and distribute the weight of the .357 pistol. The ShapeShift does so and with its ride height it makes carrying it concealed a possibility. The shell holding the Glock is made in America from injection-molded polymer to fit its exact make and model.

This shell is what is transferred between different ShapeShift holster options.
Please Note: If you have a thumb release from a different ShapeShift offering, it will not work with the ShapeShift OWB Slide Holster.

Every portion of the holster is covered under the Alien Gear Iron-Clad Guarantee. We offer a lifetime warranty on all parts and components — we'll replace or repair the holster. We also offer a 30-day test drive. We will purchase the holster from you if at the end of the day it just doesn't do what you need.

You'll find it's designed to react and adapt seamlessly to your lifestyle.
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