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Made In USA

English Bridle Leather

The Alien Gear Leather Gun Belt is both comfortable and strong, using drum dyed English Bridle leather hand cut to the specifications of the customer. This type of gun belt leather ages well over time and will provide you and your handgun with plenty of proper support. Our gun belts are cut to the standard 1.5” width.

Spring-Steel Core

Embedded between the two layers of English Bridle leather is a strong spring-steel core. This durable, flexible material will provide you with a gun belt that will offer the strong support your pistol or revolver requires. Your steel reinforced leather gun belt will never sag under the weight of your gun. Pair this gun belt with a ‘Cloak Tuck 3.0’ IWB holster and conceal the strength of steel.

Military Grade Thread (Tex 270)

Our gun belt craftsmen use ultra-thick polyester thread to stitch the premium leather belt layers together. This prevents the gun belt layers from separating over time, while also adding a sleek appeal to the handgun belt.

Corrosion Resistant Gun Belt Hardware

This nickel-plated roller belt buckle allows the belt to effortlessly ‘roll’ through your buckle without damaging the gun belt. Couple this with a pair of sturdy snaps, and you’ve got yourself a good gun belt.

Triple Edge Belt Finish

To give a smooth and uniform finish to each Alien Gear gun belt, a select group of skilled craftsmen bevel, burnish and paint the edges of each premium Alien Gear Gun Belt ideal for open or concealed carry. The Triple Edge Finishing process also protects the leather from a variety of daily hardships.

Double Layered Gun Belt

Twice the leather means twice the gun belt strength. Every Alien Gear Gun Belt is made with two 7 oz. layers of English Bridle leather, which will provide your firearm with the support it deserves. Our gun belts are approximately ¼” thick.