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Gun Belt Warranty

To guarantee our workmanship and dedication to quality, we back each Alien Gear Gun Belt with a 1-Year Warranty and a 7-Day Test Drive.

Your 7-Day Test Drive begins the day you receive your belt. If you’re not satisfied by the size or functionality of your belt, you may exchange or return your belt within this 7-day period. For size or color exchanges and refunds, we just ask that you cover the shipping back to us. If you’ve ordered the wrong size, be sure to exchange your belt within the 7-Day Test Drive.

*Please note that when exchanging your belt, we will send you back a belt in the same like-new condition as the belt you sent us.

Your 1-Year Warranty covers manufacturing defects that may lead to a breakdown of the belt’s materials (i.e.- rips, tears or other issues that affect the functionality of the belt). Unfortunately, cosmetic damages are not covered by this warranty.

Before honoring your 1-Year Warranty, we ask that you send your Alien Gear Gun Belt to us before we send a replacement belt out to you.

*Please note that any alterations or modifications you make to your Alien Gear Gun Belt will void this warranty. This includes puncturing the leather to make additional belt notches.

For more information on your Galactic Guarantee, contact our friendly customer service team at (208) 215-2046, Monday - Friday , Saturday - Sunday , or by using our contact form.