Light and Laser Sight Gun Holster Options

If you think trying to find a holster can be difficult, try finding a gun holster for gun with a light or laser. However, Alien Gear offers more than most other gun holster companies. We custom-mold every holster shell to precisely fit the make and model gun and light, including Crimson Trace grips, TLR lights, LaserLyte and others. This will give your light or laser-equipped gun a perfect fit.

Beretta makes some of the best handguns available. Open carry rigs and Beretta concealed holsters can both be had from Alien Gear.

Bersa handguns offer serious firepower at a serious value. Get a Bersa concealed carry holster for a serious value from Alien Gear.

Diamondback is an American company making concealed carry guns that deliver at value. Get a Diamondback concealed carry holster that does the same.

If anyone made a perfect pistol, Glock is as close as possible. Find Alien Gear Glock gun holsters for concealed carry here.

Few brands are bywords for quality as H&K. So are H&K carry holsters from Alien Gear. See the lineup here.

Kimber produces some of the finest 1911s available at moderate prices, as well as other pistol designs.

Big Green makes some of the finest handguns available for the price, and Alien Gear makes some of the best Remington holsters available.

S&W has been making sidearms that can be depended on for decades, and today's Smith and Wessons are no exception. View Alien Gear's S&W holster lineup here.

Many believe there are no finer pistols than Sig Sauer. Many believe there is no finer Sig holster than a Sig holster by Alien Gear.

Ruger revolvers are the standard by which others are judged. No other revolver company makes them as rugged or as shootable as Ruger.

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