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Alien Gear Holsters is one of the leading suppliers of concealed carry holsters, open carry holsters and everyday carry accessories on the market today. We specialize in comfortable carry and comfortable concealment, along with revolutionary designs that challenge the notion of what you can expect from a gun holster.

Customizability is a top priority in every Alien Gear design. All of our holsters are fully adjustable for retention, and you can set the retention force you desire. We even include an Allen key with purchase, so you don't have to run to the hardware store to get your own. Additionally, most of our holster models are adjustable for ride height, grip cant angle or both.

All of our holsters feature swappable retention shells. With purchase of multiple shells for multiple firearms, you can carry multiple guns with one holster by simply swapping the shells. Likewise, you can carry one gun with multiple holsters.

The standard for concealed carry is the inside-the-waistband holster, and Alien Gear's IWB holsters have become trend-setters in the industry. We offer both a classic leather hybrid IWB holster and the ultra-modern Cloak Tuck 3.5, which features a multi-layer backer with a spring steel core, neoprene backing pad and Alien Skin surface. Our IWB holsters are adjustable for cant, ride height and retention, so you can enjoy the perfect carry.

We also offer a line of revolutionary OWB holsters, including the Cloak Slide hybrid leather belt slide holster, and the Cloak Mod OWB paddle holster. The Cloak Mod is adjustable for grip cant and retention, but can also be worn as a belt slide by changing the belt attachment.

In addition to holsters, we also offer our Cloak Mag Carrier magazine holsters, which are the most versatile magazine carriers you are likely to find. They can be worn inside or outside the waistband, and are fully adjustable for retention and cant. In OWB configuration, they can be worn fully horizontally. You can order single or double mag carrier packages. The double mag carrier also comes with a dual magazine carrier bracket, which is compatible with the belt attachments of the Cloak Mod OWB holster.

Additionally, we also offer two different Cloak Dock holster mounts, compatible with the Cloak Mod OWB holster and also our IWB holsters. Either Cloak Dock can be mounted on any surface, and thus can be used as a car holster, desk holster, or wall or furniture holster mounting system.

All of our products are backed by our Iron Clad Guarantee, including a 30-day "Test Drive" trial period and a lifetime guarantee. Any defect or damage will be repaired or we will replace your holster, magazine carrier or Cloak Dock. Our Cloak series holsters also come with a lifetime of retention shells swaps, so you can trade in your retention shell if you trade in your pistol, and exchange it for your new gun model and keep your holster.

Are you ready for a whole new way to carry? Our ShapeShift Holster series is now available

Tradition and innovation are not separate traits in the firearms community. Each new product in this field is an evolution of its predecessors — a nod to the past and a step toward the future. The ShapeShift modular holster system innovates traditional carry methods and ushers forth a new generation of holster technology.

The ShapeShift base kit includes four classic holster categories that have been updated with a modular design for adaptability, durability and reliability. The idea we executed was simple: a holster should be a versatile tool that responds to the gun owner's lifestyle and carry preferences.

The base kit includes:

  • - a classic IWB holster
  • - appendix IWB holster
  • - OWB belt slide holster
  • - OWB paddle holster

Each of these holsters is made in America.

They are designed, engineered and crafted for comfort and customization.

The best part? Each can be reconfigured into the other available ShapeShift carry methods without any bulky tools. Within moments, what was once an appendix IWB holster could be an OWB paddle holster.

The AIWB, IWB and OWB belt slide holsters have a backer made from four carefully chosen materials edge bound together, covering any hardware that would otherwise be in contact with the body. Perforated neoprene ventilates and wicks sweat away from the holster when pressed against the body. An inner layer of spring steel provides flexible support. An inner layer of ballistic nylon was added for increased durability and strength. Finally, a resilient thermo elastomer textile with our Alien Skin texture rests on the front, gripping the handgun without any abrasion.

The ShapeShift IWB holster has an adjustable cant and ride height. By raising or lowering the belt clips, without tools, the angle and height it sits at can be altered. The Shift Shell is mounted at a single point on this backer, allowing it to mold more easily to the waistline.

The Shift Shell is crafted from injection-molded polymer, matching the contours and dimensions of your handgun by replicating the form factors of various handgun makes and models. They're interchangeable as well. Different, compatible guns may be used in the same holster by purchasing a new Shift Shell.

All clips, parts and pieces aside from the backers are made from that extraordinarily durable, engineered polymer compound.

The trigger guard "half-shell" and slim backer reduce the holster's total area taken up on the waistline.

By installing an adjustable retention unit, the passive retention may be controlled on all ShapeShift holsters for a tighter or looser draw. An active retention thumb release is also included with the paddle holsters, officially classifying it as a Level II retention holster. The ShapeShift OWB paddle holster clip has a firm retention lip for securing the holster to the belt. This drastically reduces the odds of being disarmed.

There are no tools required when swapping the Shift Shell between holster backers or while making adjustments on each of the holsters.

The ShapeShift base kit includes a holster mount that may be installed on multiple types of surfaces in secure locations. The mount comes with all the required tools in order to install it on a variety of surfaces — wood, drywall, plastic and sheet metal.

With the holster mount, the ShapeShift holster is now a car holster, bedside holster, desk holster, etc. By using the quick release on the OWB paddle holster, it may be removed from the waistline and placed on the mount in one seamless motion.

Every element of the ShapeShift holster was proudly made in America by gun owners for gun owners to adapt to different lifestyles.

The ShapeShift Core Carry Pack includes four holster configurations, but there will be more options added in the future — like shoulder, ankle, MOLLE, pocket and drop thigh holsters.

Millions of dollars, countless prototypes and thousands of hours have been spent researching and developing the ShapeShift system. More than 30 patents have been filed while making this holster. Every detail and aspect is designed for a specific purpose.

The ShapeShift modular holster is the result of several interdisciplinary teams dedicated to advancing what's possible within the firearms industry.

  • - Multiple holsters in one modular system
  • - Bonus holster mount included
  • - New holster technology
  • - Customizable retention
  • - No tools needed
  • - Made in America with injection-molded polymer