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IWB and OWB Holsters

Holster Deals


Photon Holsters

All-In-One Holster for any Type of Carry



ShapeShift Series Holsters

Modular Holster System for IWB, OWB and Open Carry



Cloak Tuck Series Holsters

Holsters for IWB and Concealed Carry



Cloak Mod Series Holsters

Holsters for OWB and Open Carry



Roswell Series Holsters

Low-Pro Series Holsters


Grip Tuck Series Holsters



Cloak Mag Carriers

Magazine Holsters for Spare Ammunition




Alien Gear Holsters has been proud to be a leading designer and innovator in the iwb and owb holster market for many years and is committed to continuing in that role for many years to come. All of our concealed and open carry products are USA-made and backed by an un-matched, industry-leading warranty.