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Holsters for Bersa Thunder 9 UC Pro


Bersa 9 UC Pro Holster by Alien Gear Holsters

Shopping around for a Bersa 9 UC Pro holster could give you the impression that it’s impossible to find a gun holster that delivers the same performance for value that your Bersa 9 does. We are proud to introduce a complete line of Bersa 9 UC Pro concealed carry holster models. Lets take a look...

Our holsters, use a custom holster shell molded specifically to fit your Bersa 9 perfectly. Our Bersa 9 UC Pro OWB holster will fit perfectly, as will our Bersa 9 UC Pro IWB holster. Both are perfectly suitedfor concealed carry, or for open if you prefer.

If an IWB is your preference, you have two to choose from. If our original IWB holster is what you prefer, the Cloak Tuck - the one that started it all - is the holster for you. If something a little more advanced is what you desire, that would be the Cloak Tuck 3.0.

The 3.0 is fast emerging as a standard bearer in the IWB holster market, as few holsters deliver the performance for the value. The holster starts with a core of spring steel for long-term strength and durability, but also flexibility for a comfortable carry. The back is neoprene, which sits comfortably against the wearer while repelling moisture. The top layer is our Alien Skin covering, which won’t scuff your sidearm or let it slide in the holster.

All of our Bersa holsters are adjustable for retention, ride height and cant, to provide a bespoke carrying fit. We also offer lifetime free holster shell swaps. Should you buy a different gun, send us your previous shell and tell us what new shell you need. Shell swaps are part of our Iron Clad Triple Guarantee, which also includes a forever guarantee against damage or defect and a 30-day test drive to see if you love the holster as much as we think you will.