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Holsters for CZ - P01


CZ P01 Holster by Alien Gear Holsters

People buy a CZ because of the pedigree, decades of reliable and proven service, as well as the rugged all-metal construction, but also the value. It’s tough to get a pistol with those qualities at a decent price point. The CZ P01 represents those values but comes in a compact, concealable package. You should get a holster to match, and the Alien Gear CZ P01 holster models deliver.

We offer both CZ P01 IWB holster and OWB models, all of which serve expertly as a CZ P01 concealed carry holster. You’ll be hard pressed to find a CZ P01 gun holster as well-made for the value as Alien Gear.

The IWB holster models include the Cloak Tuck original and 3.0. The original Cloak Tuck is a classic iwb holster, with a custom molded shell adjustable for tighter or looser retention. The ride height and forward/rearward cant is also adjustable. Our CZ P01 OWB holsters have all of these features as well.

The 3.0 inside the waistband holster is our flagship, starts with a core of spring steel for strength, durability and flexibility. This way, the holster fits your shape well but will never lose structural integrity. The backing is neoprene, which fits softly and snugly against the wearer while repelling moisture. The top is our Alien Skin covering. Alien Skin, a proprietary surfacing material, grips against the gun while holstered to keep it in place but also safe from scuffs or other abrasion.

Whichever CZ P01 holster you select, it comes with our Iron Clad guarantee. Our CZ holsters are guaranteed for life against damage or defect. Also, if you ever buy a different firearm, we’ll trade you holster shells for free, so you can keep your holster.

Still not convinced? Part of our Iron Clad guarantee is a 30-day test drive. If you buy an Alien Gear holster, you have 30 days to try it out. If not, contact us and we’ll buy it back. However, we think you’ll love it from day one.