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Double Tap Defense 45 Holster by Alien Gear Holsters

The Double Tap Defense 45 is made with concealed carry in mind. Alien Gear Holsters specializes in concealed carry holsters, and we happen to make a Double Tap Defense 45 concealed carry holster for outside and inside the waistband carry. Let's go into more detail about our Double Tap Defense 45 gun holster models.

If you’d like to conceal inside the waistband, we have two Double Tap Defense 45 IWB holster models to choose from - our Cloak Tuck series. You can choose the original Cloak Tuck - a classic leather iwb holster - or the 3.0, our flagship model. Both are IWB holsters come with retention-adjustable shells. The belt clips (or optional loops) can also be adjusted for ride height and cant. You create the carry style that suits you, not wear it how the maker tells you.

If leather is not your preference, you’ll love the Cloak Tuck 3.0. The 3.0 uses a closed-cell neoprene back for maximum comfort while repelling all moisture. Your gun won’t slip or slide in the holster, as we surface the holster with our Alien Skin material, and it’s all built around a core of spring steel. The steel helps the holster keep maximum horizontal hold, while comfortably conforming to the wearer. It also means the holster will last. You can also choose an OWB model, if you prefer.

We think you’ll love your Alien Gear Double Tap Defense 45 holster, but in case you don’t, you have a 30 day Test Drive period to return it. It’s part of our Iron Clad Triple Guarantee. Along with the test drive, we offer lifetime shell swaps, if you ever get a new gun but don’t want a new holster, and a forever guarantee against defect or damage.