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Glock 25 Holster by Alien Gear Holsters

The Glock 25 puts the compact .380 round in a larger pistol than normally chambers the round, making it one of the easiest-shooting compacts in the Glock range...and a Glock 25 holster from Alien Gear makes it one of the easiest guns to carry. Carrying in a Glock 25 concealed carry holster by Alien Gear is a breeze, as our holsters are designed for comfortable concealment. Most holster brands ask you to choose between the two - we think the one goes with the other.

Since our holsters employ the hybrid holster design, this allows us to concentrate on the quality of backing materials. Our leather holsters use thick, plush hide that doesn't go limp after break-in, but conforms to your shape, cushions and holds the firearm. We also offer modern, multi-layer holster base designs that retain carry guns and cushion the wearer like no other holster on the market.

All of our holster feature a retention shell that's custom molded for the firearm you carry. This ensures a custom-quality fit and smooth draw. We also use adjustable mounting hardware, so that you can set the retention level to the desired setting. Our IWB holsters also feature adjustable belt clips - or optional loops - that can be used to set the ride height and grip cant of the wearer's preference.

Additionally, all Alien Gear Holsters come with our Triple Guarantee, which includes a 30-day trial period and a lifetime of free retention shell trades, in case you ever trade in your pistol but wish to keep your holster. We also offer a lifetime warranty against defect or damage. Whatever happens, we will fix the issue or replace the holster - forever. You aren't likely to find a deal this good anywhere else in the galaxy.