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Holsters for Glock - 43x

Glock 43x (Silver Slimline Edition) Holsters by Alien Gear

The Glock 43X is meant to make carrying easy, and so a Glock 43X holster should be. Alien Gear Holsters aims to make comfortable carry holsters for any purpose, allowing you to carry and conceal in comfort.

The core of any holster made by us is our Universal Shell. This is a custom-molded retention shell, made from a durable polymer that can withstand most types of daily use and abuse. The shell is mounted with our adjustable hardware, so you can customize the draw and retention profile of your Glock 43X concealed carry holster as you see fit.

The included parts pack, which comes with every holster sold, has full sets of alternate lengths of hardware for further customization of the draw and retention profile.

You merely have to select how you wish to carry it.

For comfortable concealed carry, you have your choice of Glock 43X IWB holster. The Cloak Tuck is a classic leather hybrid IWB, with plush 12-oz leather in your choice of brown or black. The Cloak Tuck 3.5 IWB has a more modern construction, with a multilayer holster base for the utmost in comfortable concealment.

If belt carry is your preference, select one of our Glock 43X OWB holster models. If you like being able to conceal your OWB, the Cloak Slide OWB is a leather hybrid belt slide that rides high and tight for easy concealment if desired. If you prefer totally open carry, the Cloak Mod Paddle Holster gives you a quality OWB but with enough modularity to tailor it to your preferences.

We also have a Glock 43X drop leg holster available, using the Cloak Mod with a special adapter.

Glock 43X holsters made by Alien Gear Holsters are made in the USA, and come backed by our Iron-Clad Guarantee. Our comprehensive product guarantee starts with a 30 Day Test Drive trial period after purchase. We fully warranty the holster for life against defects or damage. We'll even trade retention shells with you if you trade in your gun for a new model.

Discover a better carry and start your Test Drive today!