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Holsters for H&K VP9sk

H&K VP9sk Concealed Carry Holsters by Alien Gear

There is a right tool for a job, and an H&K VP9sk holster should be designed for easy concealed carry. The VP9sk is geared for easy concealed carry, with its compact size, lighter weight and streamlined contours. That same ease of carrying is what you look for in a holster for the VP9sk. Alien Gear's line of VP9sk gun holsters are also designed for easy carry, no matter what style of carry you're looking for. We design our holsters for comfortable carry, be it in a concealed or open manner. So many holsters leave something to be desired while carrying in terms of comfort or features. This leaves you with the choice of accepting a VP9sk concealed carry holster that isn't as good as you like, or paying exorbitant prices to get a custom holster that MIGHT be as good as you'd like it to be. We don't think you have to settle for either. We have a line of holsters for this pistol with custom fitment, superior comfort, customizability and at competitive prices. We're able to do this by virtue of our holster design. Alien Gear is a leading manufacturer of hybrid holster designs, which allows us to focus design energies on both retention and comfort. For retention, we custom-mold a durable holster shell for the VP9sk. The shell is mounted to the comfortable backer of your choice. Since we use adjustable hardware to attach the shell, you can dial in passive retention to your exact desired setting. You merely need to choose the backing platform. For easy concealed carry, a VP9sk IWB holster is the standard choice. We have both leather and modern multi-layer backer designs available in our Cloak Tuck line of IWB holsters. If you prefer OWB carry, we also have OWB models like the Cloak Slide belt slide OWB holster or the Cloak Mod VP9sk paddle holster. Regardless of the model you select, you get the benefit of Alien Gear's Iron-Clad Guarantee. This includes a 30-day "Test Drive" trial period, during which you can return the holster for a full refund if unsatisfied. You also get a lifetime of retention shell trades, so you can trade in your retention shell for a different model in case you ever do the same with your pistol. Your Alien Gear holster is also warrantied fully for life against all damage or defects. You deserve a better carry.