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Holsters for Kahr MK


Kahr MK Holster by Alien Gear Holsters

If you’re shopping for a Kahr MK holster, chances are you’re looking to carry concealed. This is a handgun made for concealment, as are Alien Gear holsters. Every Kahr MK gun holster we make is designed with concealment in mind.

Regardless of the choice of Alien Gear holster you make, be it IWB or OWB, our holsters come with an adjustable retention shell. Unlike many other makers that simply rivet the shell to the holster back, we give the end user the choice to adjust the retention to your likings. Our Kahr MK IWB holster also feature adjustable belt clips, so you can set ride height and grip cant to your satisfaction.

Alien Gear’s IWB holster options are the Cloak Tuck, and the Cloak Tuck 3.0. The original Tuck is a leather hybrid holster, featuring our adjustable shell and belt clips. You can select either black or tan, whichever be your preference.

The 3.0 is the latest in holster construction. We start with a sheet of spring steel, for strong retention, durability and also the flexibility for the most comfortable carry you’ll ever experience. You may forget you’re wearing it. That is because we use neoprene for additional comfort and moisture repulsion, and the top is a sheet of our thermoelastomer Alien Skin, a high-drag material that keeps your gun in place until you want it otherwise.

If carrying outside the band is preferred, you can select the Cloak Slide our Kahr MK owb holster with the same adjustable holster shell.

In addition to all the Alien Gear features, our holsters come with a 30-day test drive. You can take up to 30 days to decide if it’s the holster for you. If you aren’t convinced, return within 30 days for a full refund. We also offer a lifetime of shell swaps. If you ever replace your firearm, send us your current holster shell and tell us what new shell to send you. We’ll ship it out, on the house.

We also guarantee every Alien Gear holster for life, against any defect or damage. The function, value, and guarantee is how Alien Gear does holsters. We don’t think you’ll find a better deal anywhere in this universe.