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Holsters for Kimber - 1911 Warrior 5 inch Railed


Kimber Warrior Holsters by Alien Gear

There are indeed personalized holsters for duty carry pistols. Our 1911 holsters for the Kimber Warrior 5 inch railed model are made for either open or concealed carry, depending on the chosen holster.

We craft two OWB holsters, two IWB holsters, swappable shells and mag carriers for this .45. They're proudly made in America and covered by a Forever Warranty, 30-day test drive and shell trades for life on the Cloak Mod, Cloak Tuck, Cloak Tuck 3.0 and Cloak Slide.

The Kimber Warrior Cloak Mod is an OWB paddle holster that may be altered into a belt slide by installing an included belt loop attachment. It has a thermo elastomer retention membrane that encloses an inner flex steel plate.

The Kimber Warrior Cloak Slide is our original OWB belt slide holster. It features a leather backer and a swappable shell that's fitted to the make and model of your Kimber.

The classic Cloak Tuck, an IWB holster, also has a premium leather backer and a swappable shell. It's made for comfortable concealed carry.

As is the Cloak Tuck 3.0, an IWB hybrid holster with a backer that has four layers of materials bound together. A neoprene textile sits against the body, wicking moisture from the holster and molding to the curvature of the waistline. A layer of ballistic nylon and flexible spring steel rest inside the holster for durability, strength and support. The front surface texture is our thermo elastomer Alien Skin. This will lend grip and retention to the holster system.

The Cloak Tuck 3.0 can be adjusted to the carrier's draw style by modifying the retention, cant and ride height. It also features a swappable shell so the concealed carrier may use different handguns with the same backer.

Inside or outside the waistband mag carriers may be bundled with any of these holsters for extra savings.

Your Kimber warrior holster was designed for your carry and draw style. It's a holster made by gun owners for gun owners.