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Holsters for Magnum Research Baby Desert Eagle III


Magnum Research Baby Desert Eagle III Holster by Alien Gear Holsters

Think the odd proportions and standard rail will make it hard to find a Magnum Research Baby Desert Eagle III holster?

Think nothing of the kind; Alien Gear specializes in making holsters for the makes and models that other holster companies won't, because we believing in serving customers. That includes making every model of holster we make available for this model firearm, including a number of Baby Eagle III concealed carry holster models.

The rail and triangular contour won't compromise the fit in any way. We make a custom retention shell for every make and model of firearm we sell a holster for. Every angle, nook, cranny and contour of your gun will be held by the holster as it was custom made for it. You can also customize the retention force, as our shells can be adjusted by the user to set retention. Custom retention levels are possible as well, with the mounting hardware included in the Parts Pack that you'll get with purchase.

Both IWB and OWB holsters are available. IWB holsters are adjustable in further ways, as the belt clips or optional loops can be adjusted to set the ride height and grip angle of the user's preference. The Cloak Mod OWB holster can also be adjusted for grip cant, and can be carried as a paddle holster or a belt slide holster.

Regardless of which holster you select - or if you select multiple models; we certainly won't stop you! - you also get our Iron Clad Triple Guarantee. That includes a lifetime of retention shell trades, in case you trade in your pistol every so often and want to keep your holster. You also get a 30 day trial period, during which you can give your holster a test run and decide if you want to keep it; return for a refund in that time frame if not.

Lastly, we warranty every holster for life. As long as you have it, we will fix any defect or damage or replace the holster outright - forever. That's a warranty you never have to worry about.