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Holsters for Magnum Research - Micro Desert Eagle


Magnum Research Micro Desert Eagle Holster

You could be forgiven for not even looking for a Micro Desert Eagle holster. It’s so small, it can go in a pocket with ease. However, if you still wanted one, chances are you’re looking for a Magnum Research Micro Desert Eagle concealed carry holster.

Alien Gear makes Magnum Research Micro Desert Eagle gun holster models in both OWB and IWB formats, perfect for concealment. All models feature our adjustable retention shell, so the wearer can set the draw to their preference rather than how the holster design dictates it. Should you pick one of our IWB holster, the belt clips can also be adjusted for ride height and grip cant, so you get a customizable carry system without the custom holster lead time. IWB holsters for the Micro available from Alien Gear include the Cloak Tuck and Cloak Tuck 3.0.

The original Tuck is a leather hybrid holster, made from thick cowhide and available in tan or optional black. Additionally, we make an OWB holster, the Cloak Slide, from the same leather and available in the same colors.

The 3.0 is an ultra-modern holster, constructed using a multi-layer design centered around a core of spring steel and ballistic nylon. The core makes the holster incredibly strong, for a secure carry every moment that it’s attached to the wearer. It’s also flexible enough so that it wears in complete comfort - you may forget it’s even there. The backing layer is neoprene, which repels moisture, and the top surface is Alien Skin, a high-friction thermoelastomer that won’t scuff or mar the finish while keeping your firearm from moving once it’s holstered.

Another feature of our holsters is our Iron Clad Guarantee, which guarantees the holster for life against defect or damage. You also get lifetime shell replacement and a 30-day test drive, so you can return the holster if it isn’t right for you. We think you won’t ever want to take it off.