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Holsters for Para Ordnance - 1911 Black Ops 5 inch Railed


Para Ordnance Black Ops 5-inch Railed Holster

You definitely can find a decent Para Ordnance Black Ops 5-inch railed holster. Not only that you can even find a Para Ordnance Black Ops 5-inch railed concealed carry holster. Not only that, but a comfortable one to boot, and concealment in comfort is Alien Gear’s specialty, even for full-size firearms.

Alien Gear makes both OWB and Para Ordnance Black Ops 5-inch railed IWB holster models, all featuring our adjustable retention shell. Unlike many competitors, we don’t rivet a retention shell to a holster base, employing a collapsible bushing and bolt system so the wearer can set the draw. IWB Holster options include the Cloak Tuck and the 3.0. The original Tuck is a leather hybrid holster, available in black or tan heavy-duty leather. The 3.0 is a modern multi-layer holster, engineered for unparalleled strength, security and comfort.

The 3.0 is built around a core of spring steel, which keeps it secure against the wearer once bolstered with a gun belt. This also flexes the holster for a natural and comfortable fit. The top surface is Alien Skin, a proprietary material that doesn’t let the firearm slip or move around once holstered, but won’t touch the finish.

Those preferring wearing on the outside can choose the Cloak Slide OWB, available in the same black and tan leather as the original Cloak Tuck. Just like a Para Ordnance 1911, Alien Gear is made in the U.S.A. We also offer a Forever guarantee on the holster itself, lifetime retention shell swaps and a 30-day Test Drive with every holster sold, so you can take up to 30 days to decide if it’s the holster for you. We think it will be.