Remington R1 1911 5 inch Concealed Carry Holsters
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Holsters for Remington - 1911 R1 5 inch


Remington R1 1911 Holster (5 inch barrel length) by Alien Gear Holsters

The Remington 1911 of today is not far removed from the same weapon issued to service personnel for combat. What not everyone knows is that more standard issue sidearms actually were made by Remington than Colt. Each Remington 1911 holster we make can match the performance and the value.

Few choices for a sidearm are as proven; that’s why many consider it the first and last word in firearms for personal defense, and the slim contour compared to other full-size handguns make it a fine choice for concealed carry.

The Cloak Tuck 3.0 Remington 1911 iwb holster is ideal for concealed carrying, easily fitting a full-size firearm in an inside the waistband holster in perfect comfort. The steel spring core gives the Cloak Tuck 3.0 holster the requisite strength, while the inner layer of neoprene comfortably hugs the contours of your body without retaining moisture. The outer layer, our proprietary Alien Skin, protects your firearm from slippage and abrasion.

The adjustable shell keeps your firearm protected, without tearing your clothes or displaying its shape to bystanders, while retaining the capacity for a fast draw.

The other option is our Remington 1911 OWB holsters, such as our all-leather Cloak Slide, a slim compact outside the waistband holster. All of our holsters carry our Iron Clad guarantee, so you can carry with comfort and peace of mind. We also offer free shell trades for life, should you decide to carry something other than a Remington 1911...but why would you?