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Holsters for S&W Sigma SW40E


Holsters for S&W Sigma SW40E

Our holsters for the S&W Sigma SW40E provide gun owners the option to carry how they want, with modular features, comfortable designs, adjustable characteristics and die-hard materials.

Choices in the gun industry are not made lightly, so we provide several options: two IWB holsters, two OWB holsters, mag carriers and swappable shells for this make and model of handgun.

All this equipment is made in America and coupled with our Iron Clad Guarantee, which includes a free lifetime warranty, 30-day test drive and free shell trades for life.

Our priority is to make an affordable, functional holster fitted for your handgun and draw style.

The Cloak Tuck 3.0 is an award-winning IWB hybrid holster that equally matches comfortability, concealment, customization and quality. It starts with a good support system: the backer.

The backer is constructed out of four materials that interact with each other and the carrier's body — neoprene wicks moisture from the body and holster materials, ballistic nylon provides durability and reliability, a spring steel core lays a foundation of support that molds to the waistline with zero break-in time and the front layer of thermo elastomer Alien Skin lends drag and resilience.

The swappable shell's passive retention may be tightened or loosened, while the cant and ride height may be adjusted for a personalized draw.

Custom retention and cant are traits in the Cloak Mod OWB paddle holster, a modular holster with a paddle clip that can be replaced by a belt slide attachment. Its base has a thermo elastomer retention membrane that holds a flex steel plate.

Our original Cloak Slide OWB holster is a belt slide system for outside the waistband carry, and it features a quality leather backer, much the same as the classic Cloak Slide leather IWB holster.

We don't just offer systems for carrying handguns. We understand the need for spare mags and more ammunition.

Our mag carriers come in either IWB and OWB with single and double configurations.

We place value on choices, not compromises. A compromise on equipment can mean being compromised in combat.