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Holsters for SCCY CPX-1 GEN 1


SCCY CPX-1 Gen 1 Holster by Alien Gear Holsters

Alien Gear Holsters offers the most comfortable and concealable IWB holster for your CPX-1 9mm pistol. If you’re looking for a suitable, premium option for your open or concealed carry, we’ve got you covered with a series of American made SCCY CPX concealed carry holsters that come at an affordable price.

Weighing in at just 15 oz, you’re CPX-1 has the ability to be fully concealable with our Cloak Tuck Series. These IWB holsters have been designed to comfortably rest against your side, while keeping your gun from printing. These holsters have also been combat cut to provide you with an easy way to access your CPX in an emergency situation.

The Cloak Tuck 3.0 will provide you with an unsurpassed level of comfort with its ultra-soft neoprene backing. This material, along with the winged design of the 3.0, will form to your side. You’ll forget you’re wearing it until you truly need it.

Your SCCY pistol’s 3.1” barrel and sights will be protected when carrying by our molded gun holster shells. These will protect and retain your gun during your daily routine.

Every SCCY CPX Gen 1 holster within the Cloak Tuck Series comes fully adjustable. By adjusting a few screws, you can customize your holsters’ ride height, cant (tilt) and retention. These customization features allow you to get the feel you want out of an IWB holster.

The Cloak Tuck 3.0 hybrid holster has also been made with an all-new ‘Alien Skin’ texture, which adds retention and the right amount of drag to this holster. We have also incorporated a spring-steel core and ballistic nylon layer into this IWB holster for durability.

If you prefer the feel of a leather-based holster, we also offer the original Cloak Tuck and an outside-the-waistband holster for your carrying pleasure.

Every holster is backed by our unmatched Iron-Clad Triple Guarantee. This includes a 30-Day Test Drive, free shell trades for life, and a Forever Warranty.