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Holsters for Sig P320 Full Size 9mm

Sig P320 Holster for concealed carry by Alien Gear Holsters

The Sig P320 has been designed with the help of seasoned law enforcement officers, making it one of the finest and safest striker duty pistols on the market today. Many will find its design clever and convenient (when it comes to cleaning), while also providing carriers with a sig p320 full-sized option.

Your sig p320 holster should share the same amount of customizability as your firearm. With that being said, we are proud to introduce our Cloak Tuck series, a full line of customizable Sig Sauer p320 IWB holsters that will provide comfort and concealability to every carrier.

Customize your comfort by adjusting your IWB holster’s cant (angle), retention, and/or ride height. The Cloak Tuck’s clever design also provides carriers with the ability to easily swap out their holster shell to match the gun that they would like to carry.

Alien Gear Holsters only uses the highest quality materials to build every product. For the Cloak Tuck 3.0, it all begins with a stainless spring-steel core. This, along with a layer of ballistic nylon, adds durability to this comfortable and concealable p320 IWB holster. This state-of-the-art sig p320 concealed carry holster is also made with a modern thermo elastomer Alien Skin, a raised material that covers the surface of the p320 holster. This will provide you with the perfect amount of drag to your draw.

You’re P320 will fit perfectly inside of our custom molded holster shells, a component that will both keep your firearm safe and in place. Along with customizable retention, these shells can be easily swapped to match the gun that you would like to carry.

If you’re looking to open carry your P320, take a look at our Cloak Slide owb outside the waistband holster. This Sig p320 OWB holster, which is also equipped with a customizable retention option, will form to your P320 with effortless perfection.

With a purchase of every Alien Gear Sig P320 Holster comes our Iron-Clad Triple Guarantee. This includes a 30-day test drive, free shell trades for life (if you ever choose to carry something other than your P320), and a forever warranty. If anything breaks down on your holster, we’ll repair or replace it for free. We’ve got you covered. Forever.