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Holsters for Sig SP2022


Sig sp2022 Holster for Concealed Carry by Alien Gear Holsters

The Sig Sauer SP2022 is what you want out of a concealed carry pistol: light, durable and dependable. Whether you’re carrying the 9mm or .40 S&W edition, you have obtained a firearm that many law enforcement professionals count on for everyday use. Now you just need a quality sig sp2022 concealed carry holster to go with it.

We here at Alien Gear Holsters are proud to introduce the Cloak Tuck 3.0 inside the waistband gun holster. This hybrid composite holster will conceal your Sig Sauer sp2022 comfortably and effectively every time you go to carry.

The most comfortable, concealable sig 2022 holster on the market today is made with a layer of soft neoprene that will rest against your waist and effectively distribute the weight of your SP2022 evenly across your side. Many claim that they forget wearing their Alien Gear Holster until they need it. To provide a substantial level of strength to the sig sauer sp2022 concealed carry holster, engineers at Alien Gear Holsters have added a layer of ballistic nylon and a stainless spring-steel core into the sig 2022 IWB holster. This will provide durability to the 3.0, while also providing a product that will last you decades.

Every Alien Gear Sig sp 2022 IWB holster comes combat cut, which allows carriers to access their defensive weapon quickly and easily in times that require the fastest draw possible. We also integrate a wide range of customizable options, including adjustments to the cant (angle), ride height, and retention. You can even choose from our large selection of belt clip types.

If you would rather carry your Sig Sauer openly, take a look at the leather based Cloak Slide. This sig sauer sp2022 owb holster will accommodate your 29 oz handgun with ease. Our outside the waistband holster also allows for retention adjustment.

Every Alien Gear Holster shell can be swapped for free. If you ever choose to carry something other than your Sig Sauer SP2022, just send in your Boltaron shell and we’ll send you a new one to match the gun you’d like to carry. Choose from our library of over 500 holster gun types. You can do this as many times as you’d like.

Our Iron-Clad Triple Guarantee backs all Alien Gear Sig sp2022 Holster purchases. This promise includes free shell trades for life, a 30-day test drive, and free shell trades for life.