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Holsters for Springfield XDm 5.25 inch Competition Model


Springfield XDm Competition Mode Holster (5.25 inch)

Just because it's a competition gun is no reason a person shouldn't be able to find a Springfield XDm 5.25 Competition holster, which is exactly why Alien Gear Holsters now makes our full range of holsters available for this pistol. Whether it's an OWB holster for range duty, competition or other carry, or a Springfield XDm 5.25 Competition concealed carry holster, we make them all.

You also aren't likely to find an XDM 5.25 Competition holster that's as reasonably affordable, given the features built in to every Alien Gear holster. We custom-mold retention shells to every gun we make a holster for, including the XDM Competition pistol and every other gun in our firearm library. You can rest assured knowing the retention shell is holding every contour of the gun like it was made for it - because it was.

Gun model shouldn't dictate holster design availability, which is why any holster shell will work on every holster platform. Choose IWB or OWB - or both; we recommend it! - and carry accordingly. On every holster base, the retention shell is mounted using adjustable hardware, allowing the wearer to set the retention level of their choosing. IWB models also have adjustable belt clips (or optional loops) so the grip cant and ride depth can be set to the user's preference as well.

We don't skimp on the guarantee, as every holster has a lifetime warranty against damage or defect. We also offer a lifetime of retention shell trades, so you can trade in the retention shell for a new model if you ever trade in your pistol, and keep your holster.

Lastly, we also offer a 30 day trial period, during which you can test drive the holster and return for a refund if unsatisfied. We think you won't want to carry in anything else...