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Holsters for Taurus PT840 Compact


Taurus PT840 Compact Holster by Alien Gear Holsters

A compact pistol is designed for concealed carry, and so should a Taurus PT840 Compact holster be. After all, the reason that a person typically elects to purchase a smaller, lighter handgun for is so they can carry it more easily than a full-size pistol.

That's exactly what our PT840 compact gun holsters are for as well. Alien Gear's specialty is making comfortable carry holsters for daily concealed carry.

Unlike many other holster models from competing makers for this firearm, you don't have to accept a substandard or generic fit. Since Alien Gear specializes in the hybrid holster design, we custom-mold a retention shell for the Taurus 840C and mount it to the backing platform of your choice. The result is a Taurus 840 compact concealed carry holster that fits perfectly right out of the box.

You also get to set the retention level to your satisfaction, as our mounting hardware is an adjustable nut and bolt assembly, rather than the fixed rivet so common elsewhere in the holster industry.

You choose the backing platform with which to carry.

For deeper concealment, the Cloak Tuck line of Taurus 840 Compact IWB holsters would be the preferred choice. The Cloak Tuck platform slips inside the waistband, carrying comfortably and discreetly. You can choose from the leather Cloak Tuck or the ultra-modern Cloak Tuck 3.0, a multi-layered holster platform with a neoprene backer and spring steel core.

Outside the waistband carry is likewise available, as we also have OWB holsters like our Cloak Slide high-riding belt slide holster and the Cloak Mod Taurus 840 Compact paddle holster available as well.

Worried about a guarantee? We'll give you three. Alien Gear's Triple Guarantee includes a moneyback trial period for the first 30 days of ownership - don't like the holster? Send it back in the first 30 days and get a full refund - and a lifetime of retention shell trades, so you can trade in your shell for a new one if you do likewise with your pistol...and keep your holster.

We also warranty every holster for life.

You don't have to visit a whole other galaxy to find a quality carry holster for your Taurus PT840 Compact...just find proof of Alien Gear life.