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Holsters for Taurus TX22 22LR Bk/Bk


Taurus TX22 Holster

Get a Taurus TX22 holster for range days, carrying if using it for small game hunting, or if you actually use it as a carry gun. Take one for a 30 Day Test Drive and you'll be able to carry your TX22 in comfort…

Just because some people insist it's just a plinker pistol doesn't mean you have to settle for a lesser quality holster. You get a Taurus TX22 holster from us that's exactly the same as a holster for any other pistol we offer a holster for.

You get a custom-molded retention shell, made for the Taurus TX22. The precision fit securely retains the pistol, and ensures a smooth, clean draw and reholster at the range or in the field.

Find the holster base of your choice, so you can carry the pistol as you want. You can even bundle two and save with our 2 Holster Combo.

A Taurus TX22 is a perfect training pistol for getting in practice with a striker-fired gun of a larger caliber. Get in your practice time with an Taurus TX22 IWB holster, and drill those concealed carry skills to perfection for pennies on the dollar.

For range days or field use, try out a TX22 OWB holster. Work on those fast-draw drills and split times.

If you need different options for hunting or just because you feel like, we also have Taurus TX22 chest holsters, shoulder holsters and drop leg holsters.

Your Taurus TX22 holster is made in the USA, and comes backed by our Iron-Clad Guarantee. This comprehensive product guarantee includes a 30 Day Test Drive trial period after purchase and our Forever Warranty for the lifetime of the holster, and free retention shell swaps.

Start your Test Drive today, and carry in comfort!