Get Secure OWB Carry with Mossberg MC1sc Cloak Belt Holster


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Mossberg MC1sc Cloak Belt Holster by Alien Gear Holsters

If you want to make things simple on yourself, take the Mossberg MC1sc Cloak Belt Holster for a 30 Day Test Drive. The Cloak Belt Holster gives you the option to switch between open and concealed carry at a whim; decide which you want to do when you want to do it.

This Mossberg MC1sc OWB holster is a high-ride belt holster, designed to ride high on the belt and tight to the body. However, it is also designed for the utmost of comfort, so it can be worn for extended periods and against bare skin without issue.

The base of the Cloak Belt Holster for Mossberg MC1sc pistols is a refreshed take on our award-winning Cloak Tuck 3.5 IWB, optimized for OWB use.

The combat cut is revised, allowing the user to get a full firing grip, fast. The breathable backing layer of CoolVent neoprene and bound edges ensure total comfort. The holster base is reinforced with edge to edge layers of woven ballistic nylon and spring steel, giving the holster base rigidity and creating a stable platform to draw from and reholster to.

Choose your preferred size of belt, as the Cloak Belt Holster is fitted with belt loops for 1.5-inch or 1.75-inch belts, whichever size you order the holster for.

If you like to keep things simple, the Cloak Belt Holster puts a gun on your hip. It can be used as a Mossberg MC1sc concealed carry holster by covering it with a light outer layer, or worn openly if you so choose.

The Cloak Belt Holster is made in the USA, and comes backed by Alien Gear Holsters' Iron-Clad Guarantee. Our comprehensive product guarantee includes a 30-Day Test Drive trial period and our Forever Warranty, covering the lifetime of the holster.

We'll even trade retention shells with you if you trade in your gun for a new model.

Start your Test Drive today, and carry in comfort!
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