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Great holster, but needs only one improvement to be PERFECT! by Craig on 11/04/2018
ShapeShift Core Carry Pack

Incredible holster! The comfort, ease of configuration, and durability are as advertised and definitely do not disappoint. I wear my holster all day while sitting, standing, walking, etc. and it is extremely comfortable! By far THE BEST holster I've ever owned and Alien Gear has gained a lifetime customer. However, for me, the only thing I wish Alien Gear would do is create a holster mount for the Appendix configuration. I know that there is already a Cloak Dock holster mount for the IWB configuration, but I carry Appendix most of the time and would love a way to go from carry to mount once I get in my car or in my office. I think this addition would make this holster system absolutely perfect! Keep up the great work Alien Gear! Love your products!

great value by jack on 11/04/2018
Ruger LCP II ShapeShift OWB Paddle Holster

great holster, fair price,fast delivery.happy with purchase

Excellent holster by William on 11/04/2018
SCCY CPX-2 Cloak Slide OWB Holster (Outside the Waistband)

I really like these holsters; have two now and will be ordering more for my other guns. Mine fell apart partially when taking it off one day but it was just a loose screw, something I should have inspected and noticed, no mark down for that. These items snug in tight and form well to the hip. Great grip and release strength right from the factory.

Super product! by William on 11/04/2018
Glock - 21 Cloak Slide OWB Holster (Outside the Waistband)

I was a little worried about a carry holster for the big and heavy Glock 21. But this item is great. It really forms to my hip, snugs the gun in well at just the right height, and holds it there. Now, instead of my smaller pistols, I carry my Glock all the time.

The Holster! by Michael on 11/03/2018
Alien Gear Cloak Tuck 3.5 IWB Holster (Inside the Waistband)

I have several holsters. Then I purchased an Alien gear. Very good fit and easy to adjust. The holster is very comfortable for EDC. I will buy again. The Alien Gear is my go to holster.

Great Holster by JP on 11/02/2018
Alien Gear Cloak Tuck IWB Holster (Inside the Waistband)

First time I have purchased from Alien Gear. The Inside The Waistband holster is very comfortable and it hides my Sig quite nicely. I will not hesitate to purchase other items if needed. Quality product at a great price.

Highly recommended by Ed on 11/02/2018
Alien Gear ShapeShift 4.0 IWB Holster

I bought this holster several months ago and it's fantastic. Very comfortable for everyday use. Clearly made to last and very adjustable, as well as surprisingly secure. Customer service was great.

Best holster I ever own by Ednukit on 11/02/2018
Glock - 30 ShapeShift Core Carry Pack

Great quality product, the modality is so great 4 holsters in one. Best thing made in USA. I recommend this to any one that carry a gun .

Great Mag Carrier by Michael on 11/01/2018
Single Cloak Mag Carrier

Very easy to set up! Comfortable feeling. . After mounting it within an hour I forgot it was even there! Everyone should own this for extra capacity! Thanks

LOVE IT by EDC on 10/31/2018
Springfield XD Mod.2 Subcompact 45ACP 3.3 inch ShapeShift OWB Slide Holster

Recently purchased OWB holster for my XD 45 Compact. Directly from Alien gear. Arrived within 3 days. Fits perfectly to the gun easy to adjust retention. Best of all fits my hip with no flop. Sits at good grab angle. Wear it all day in Arizona heat. Even comfortable to wear on extended drives Be sure to get the shape shifter option! Well worth it Really gives you 3 carry options. Best value

Just the shell by Coastey on 10/30/2018
Shape Shift Shell

Received the shell yesterday and it fits my Glock 17 perfectly. Plan on adding it to my battle belt with the Alien Gear Mollie attachment will update review when I do. Very good quality and you can not beat the price.

Just received by Coastey on 10/30/2018
ShapeShift Core Carry Pack

Just got my shapeshift core pack and I love it. Read thru the written material last night and watched the videos online then spent some of the morning working thru the different holster configurations. This is the first time that I have been comfortable with appendix carry. Everything in the box was labeled very well and easy to find, best part no missing pieces. Will post another review later as I use the holster system.

Product Support by Mark on 10/29/2018
Finished Shell for Semi-Automatics

Just want to say what great service I received this last week. I purchased a Cloak Slide OWB holster about 2 yrs ago. Just traded in one of my guns for a new one. First I got on line to see if they still had the same holster and was helped by your on-line chat. They directed me to the proper form I needed for swap of my old shell. The next day I called just to inquire if they made a shell for my new gun, which of course you said yes and the person took all my information and I received my new shell even before they got there's back. Great customer service. Great commitment to your product. Holster works Great!!! Thank you!!!

Very comfortable. by Tyler on 10/29/2018
Alien Gear ShapeShift 4.0 IWB Holster

This is easily the most comfortable iwb holster I have worn and that is being said with the previous firearm I have tried iwb carry which was a Ruger LCP. What I bought the shapeshift for is the much bulkier M&P 9C and I still think I'm carrying the bigger gun more comfortably then I ever did the LCP. Tyler

I give it (a) 10 by Rayzer on 10/28/2018
Alien Gear 2 Holster Combo

I like how it fit

feels great by Dean on 10/27/2018
Alien Gear ShapeShift OWB Slide Holster

It feels great on your body with the soft padding and that is where it ends. The holster has adjusting screws that do nothing except for change the angle of the pad and not the angle of your gun. The holster belt loops are connected to the holster making it so you can not tilt the holster forward. This holster makes your gun stick out more so forget it being concealed under your shirt.

Great long lasting product!!! by James83 on 10/26/2018
Alien Gear ShapeShift Appendix Carry Holster

This holster is very durable and reliable, it is one of the most Advanced holsters ive ever come into contact with. It has a ton of customization for your everyday carry uses. Yeah the price is pretty up there compared to every other holster but you get what you pay for and a holster isn't something you want to cheap out on.

Best holster on the market!!! by Chris on 10/26/2018
Springfield XDs 3.3 ShapeShift Core Carry Pack

First of all, fastest shipping ever!. Second what a value, so much for so little. Third very to use and the comfort is amazing. I'm never buying a holster from anyone else!!

Great product! by E on 10/26/2018
Double Cloak Mag Carrier

The Double Cloak Mag Carrier is well made sturdy and unbelievably versatile. The only issue was one of the mag carriers was missing a small allen key used in adjustments, one quick call to the customer support and they're sending one out to me! I will definitely be purchasing some of their other products soon (like next week). This is a "TOP TIER" product!!!

Ankle Holster is the best on the market by KB on 10/26/2018
ShapeShift Ankle Holster

After 5 weeks of daily wear for 8-12 hours a day I have to say this is by far the most comfortable holster I have purchased. I have made this my everyday carry choice for work and hope the product stands up overtime. I will provide a 6 month review to follow. Thanks.

Great holster! by Dan on 10/26/2018
ShapeShift Shoulder Holster

Once I got it adjusted to my size it is perfect. I wear it every day, no more getting hung up on the seat belt latch. Wearing a jacket or baggy shirt, nobody even knows I'm carrying. I accidentally went into the local court house and got the full pat-down, cuffed, questioned, and reprimanded for bringing a firearm in the court house. The holster is so comfortable I don't feel like I'm carrying. Best shoulder rig I've ever worn!

A great update by recon29 on 10/26/2018
ShapeShift Pocket Carry Expansion Pack

Adding this to my Alien Gear holster was very easy. I finally have a pocket holster that I have 100% confidence in. You need to have pants with pockets like cargo shorts. I wear cargo shorts and pants at work and most of the rest of the day. This setup wouldn't work well for me if I was wearing dress pants. Deep pockets work best for me using pocket carry. Again this a quick and easy install.

Perfect for me by recon29 on 10/26/2018
ShapeShift Pocket Holster

Works as stated. I love this. I wear cargo shorts and pants for work. I also live in S.E Florida so I wear shorts most of the time. I practiced with this holster during dry fire weekly training. Works perfectly. I wouldn't use this setup if I am in dress pants because of the pockets being smaller and tighter. As stated in the instructions: do not reholster with the holster in your pocket. I wouldn't use if you like tight pants and skinny jeans.

Excellance in customer service by Lawrence on 10/25/2018
Holster Hardware Pack

I lost one of the screws that holds my belt clip on. I also misplaced the hardware kit that was sent to me with my initial order. I contacted AlienGear and they sent me a new hardware pack free of charge. I actually received it 2 days after contacting them. Amazing customer service as well as a fantastic holster. They will continue to get any business from me for future needs.

Fits well, super comfortable! by Lefty G26 carrier on 10/25/2018
Alien Gear Cloak Tuck IWB Holster (Inside the Waistband)

I am amazed with how comfortable this holster is, huge upgrade from my last iwb! Holster seems to be great quality and it fits super well. I am glad I went with alien gear, and I will definitely be a returning customer.

Great concealed carry Holster by Andy on 10/25/2018
Alien Gear Cloak Tuck IWB Holster (Inside the Waistband)

The alien in IWB holster fits my Taurus 9 mm snug and is comfortable to wear and conceals the gun. I will be buying more holsters from them.

Best shoulder holster by rdk101020 on 10/25/2018
ShapeShift Shoulder Holster

This is a great buy. It's customizable in every conceivable way. I'm a big guy, and it fits me perfect. Good quality too, although I've only had it a few days. Also the entirely enclosed trigger guard, plus the thumb release, make it safer than most on the market.

IBW 4.0 by Bob on 10/24/2018
Alien Gear ShapeShift 4.0 IWB Holster

Product arrived today 2 days early. Excellent transaction will definitely buy from them again. The product looks just as good in person as it did on all the videos. I'm extremely happy it comes ready to wear in the waistband and looks like it's easy to modify for all its other applications.

Smooth Draw - Most Comfortable Holster Ever by Tony C on 10/23/2018
Alien Gear Cloak Tuck 3.5 IWB Holster (Inside the Waistband)

I've had my AlienGear IWB Cloak Tuck 3.5 with Neoprene for about a week now and can honestly say this is by far the best and most comfortable holster I've ever owned. I used to carry about 2-3 times a week when I'd travel to the city for sales appointments. I now carry everyday because it is so much more comfortable to wear then the leather holsters I've had previously. I was able to figure out quickly how to adjust the cant and shell retention to my preference. It tucks perfectly with any business or casual shirt I wear, and nobody has noticed it yet. It precisely activates the auto-on/off for my Viridian Reactor Green Laser on every draw and re-holster. I am completely satisfied and recommending this to all my friends who carry. You can almost say this holster is my new best friend.........

Puzzled! by Kntcky on 10/23/2018
CZ - PO7 ShapeShift Core Carry Pack

As a small framed Male finding a well fitting holster for my weapon is a challenge. The shape shift was supposed to be a wonderfully crafted platform. All the owb needs a gunbelt to work properly, of which I do not own. The thumb release is weak but does lock as needed. The 3.0's downfall it repeatedly comes apart. The 4.0 does not fit small frames no matter what click position I wear it, but is well made.

Just received my new holster for my P10C. I love it. Great fit and great price! by JW on 10/23/2018
CZ-P10C Cloak Slide OWB Holster (Outside the Waistband)

Great quality holster for a great price.

Best OWB ever. by John on 10/23/2018
Alien Gear Cloak Slide OWB Holster (Outside the Waistband)

This is the absolutely the best OWB holster i have ever owned. Amazing.

Excellence at it's Finest by Tyler M. on 10/22/2018
Alien Gear Cloak Tuck 3.5 IWB Holster (Inside the Waistband)

I received this product very quickly. I ordered on a Friday and had it in my mail box today(Monday). I haven't used this product yet. However i can already tell it is going to be great and comfortable. Thank you again!

It's a good holster by Rey on 10/22/2018
S&W M&P9 2.0 5 inch Cloak Tuck 3.5 IWB Holster (Inside the Waistband)

This holster feels way better than my cheap holster. Also major improvement in draw and re-holstering. I must note though, I bought this for my S&W M&P 9mm Pro (5 in barrel) and for other buyers who have this gun, I did find one issue. Since this gun has taller sights (stock) it does not go in well. It goes in and it's secure but what happens is the front sight kinda pushes the mold away a bit. It doesn't bother me when carrying but it is something to note.

I like it!!! by Bobby on 10/22/2018
Shape Shift Shell

A buddy of mine recommended these guys after I asked what he uses. With gift card in hand I got the core carry pack for a Glock 26. I will say trying to figure it out with out reading the instructions can be a little frustrating. Once I figured it out, wasn't that bad. I like that in a few minutes you can change carry options. Now it looked bulky, but figured I would give it a go. Once it's on, with a regular shirt don't really notice it or see it printing. As for fit and comfort, I sometimes don't even know it's there at times. I liked it so much and wanted to see if it would make a difference, I got the Glock 19 shell. Glad to say just as comfortable and looking to pick up some other shells down the road.

Nice clips! by JACOB on 10/21/2018
Toolless O Clip

I purchased these clips to replace the standered clips that came with my IWB Shape Shift Holster. They got to the point where they are sprung and warped. I assumed by the looks of them that the O clip was more bulkey that they might stick out a little more and be uncomfortable. I was wrong they fit great and to me are more comfortable than the other ones they are however a little more difficult when putting your belt on but well worth it!

Fantastic! by xianrocker on 10/21/2018
Glock - 42 ShapeShift OWB Slide Holster

I didn't need a 30 day trial period. Heck, I didn't need a 30 minute trial to know I had finally found the perfect holster for my Glock! Simply the best,most concealable and most comfortable holster on the market.

Best holster I've ever used by Daniel on 10/21/2018
Alien Gear ShapeShift 4.0 IWB Holster

I was very excited to try this after seeing some videos about it and I wasn't disappointed! It is hands down, the best holster I've ever used. The detail and intelligence that went into the design is top notch. It's incredibly comfortable and so easy to adjust! I'm blown away! I can honestly say I love this holster!

Love it by Airborne on 10/21/2018
ShapeShift Core Carry Pack

Very versatile

Radical man! by The yeti on 10/20/2018
ShapeShift Core Carry Pack

Super happy with my purchase. So versatile, manipulative, advanced. The only thing I will say and I suppose you can take it negative however I do not see it as such. The rotating adapter, instead of having it removable (causing the weapon to protrude) attach the knobby bit to the outside of the half shell directly. Still allowing the use of the paddle and mount but reducing the overall girth when carrying OWB plus it would allow the use of the mount if carrying AIWB or IWB. overall. Outstanding. Got it to try out on my EDC. now I intend to use it with all my handguns.

Ya dont have to see, but it helps by Connor on 10/20/2018
Alien Gear Cloak Tuck 3.5 IWB Holster (Inside the Waistband)

I really like this holster im just frustrated they dont make this holster for m&p pistols with a weapon mounted light like the tlr-7 i am out when the sun is down alot for work.

Terrific program/holster shell trade in by Anthony on 10/19/2018
Finished Shell for Semi-Automatics

5 stars. Sold an older weapon and bought a new one. Traded in my old shell for the new. Great program. Great holster.

Just looking at the pictures...Not an Owner of this... by Darruk on 10/19/2018
ShapeShift Pocket Holster

I won't speak ill of Alien Gear, I really like my current Alien Gear Holsters, They are good quality and reliable in their function. However, I look at this model and find myself thinking I would never buy one of these. 1) The half shell design is a concern for me. Even though the trigger looks well covered, it's not enough coverage over all. Looks like it not conceal as well sitting do to lack of curved edges 2) The skeleton design of some pieces is not appealing, and seems to be more about cost-cutting than weight, 3) The price point seems fair, but still high for what you're actually getting. I will give that the modular attribute adds value, just not enough for me. I ended up going with a competitor who made a full shell design in Kydex. Also no shells were available for my Sig model pistol.

Boastful about Cloak Tuck 3.5 IWB Holster by Str8Up on 10/19/2018
Alien Gear Cloak Tuck 3.5 IWB Holster (Inside the Waistband)

Owned and operated DAILY for the last 20 months. Never gets old, always holds in place. In & Out the Duramax, On & Off the Harley, or in my wife cramp up BMW. Sometime I carry it in the 3 o'clock position on 4 o'clock. Cloak Tuck 3.5 IWB Holster is a part of me! I LOVe It!

Money Well Spent by Greg on 10/17/2018
Cloak Hook & Loop Holster

After searching for a viable to solution to mounting my PX4Storm Subcompact, I found the Cloak Hook and Loop system. I just installed this in the center console of my 2017 Tundra over the weekend and I have to say this is the best money I have spent in a long time. Install was simple, the system seems very secure and it looks very clean, on top of that no holes drilled in the sidewall of the console. My gun is now secure, hidden and still very easy to access. Thank you Alien Gear for developing another quality product.

A high value carry option by Jon on 10/16/2018
Glock - 19 ShapeShift Core Carry Pack

I've read positive reviews on various firearm discussion boards and social media groups on Alien Gear Holsters. Like many people who choose to carry a firearm whether openly or concealed, its not uncommon to spend several hundred or even several thousand dollars on different holsters in an effort to find the one that is just right, not to mention finding the right carry gun can come with constantly buying and trying new holster setups. I decided to give the Shape Shift system a try seeing how the price was right around the same as any decent quality holster, give or take 20-30 dollars. I immediately found the IWB configuration to be quite comfortable for everyday concealed carry. The soft neoprene backing doesn't squeak and make strange noises like similar holsters that are made of leather. I'm unlikely to ever use the appendix carry but its there if I ever lose enough weight to make carrying AIWB more tolerable, All in all I think this is a cool and innovative product and I appreciate Alien Gear's staunch support of our 2A rights. I'll be coming back for additional holsters and accessories in the future.

Alien Gear is the Best. by Demetri on 10/16/2018
Finished Shell for Semi-Automatics

Alien Gear is the Best..

A- by Frank callaway on 10/16/2018
S&W M&P Shield 9mm ShapeShift Core Carry Pack

All around it is a great holster. I have always used alien gear and love it but my one tip would be if they could make a claw for the appendix carry to help it conceal a little better I would give it a a++

Very comfortable by Shane on 10/16/2018
Citadel - 1911 3.5 Inch Cloak Tuck 3.5 IWB Holster (Inside the Waistband)

Did not realize how comfortable this holster would be until i rode my side by side for a few hours and actually forgot that i had it on. No issues while driving my vehicle either. Will by another one for another pistol in the future and can't wait for the shapeshifter for my 3.5 inch 1911.

Great holster, but not for slim wasted people by Ozzy on 10/15/2018
Alien Gear Cloak Tuck IWB Holster (Inside the Waistband)

This holster is incredibly comfortable, well made, and sturdy. However, I am a 135 lb male that uses 28x30 size jeans and it was a bit too huge for me. I had trouble being able to conceal my HK USPc with ease.

Alien Gear Holsters is ranked 4.88 out of 5. Based on 6623 user reviews.